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Economic development

Photo of the Innovation Centre

The Economic Development team works to aid local small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as larger multi-national corporations (MNCs) in all aspects of running their business.

This ranges from financial assistance to the location of suitable property sites when relocating.  Download Seeds for Business Growth (pdf 998KB) for a selection of the services offered by Economic Development.

To use this file you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it on your computer, please use our advice page.

Locate in Kent

Medway is proud to be part of a network of state of the art innovation centres. Together these form the ‘Kent Innovation Corridor’, running from the Nucleus at Dartford in the west to the Kent Innovation Centre in the east. To find out more visit Locate in Kent.

Economic Development Strategy

The Economic Development Strategy (pdf 277KB) was adopted in 2009 and identified five key priority areas, listed below. A new strategy will be released in Spring 2018.

Skills development

This includes aiding training in customer service and ensuring there is not a skills gap in the local workforce for any future sector development.

Higher education

This includes encouraging employers to recruit apprentices and graduates and raising the aspirations of local young people who may not otherwise be able to access higher education.

Employment space

This includes the auditing of brown field sites for future business use, the provision of suitable land to build new workspaces on and providing managed work spaces.

Image building

This includes increased use of the river and working with other departments of Medway Council in hosting of a wide range of cultural events to improve the overall image of Medway as a place to visit and stay.

Key partners

To achieve the key priorities the Economic Development team not only work with other council departments but also a wide range of partner organisations. These include: 

For more information contact Economic Development and Social Regeneration by telephone: 01634 338138 or by email: business.support@medway.gov.uk