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Are you looking after someone else’s child?

Trio of childrenIf someone is looking after a child or young person under 16 years old (or 18 if they have a disability) for 28 days or more and is not

  • their parent or someone with parental responsibility for them; or 
  • a close relative eg. grandparent, biological uncle or aunt

then that person or the child's parent, guardian or carer must contact us before or as soon as possible after the arrangement begins. This will help keep the child safe and provide support for the child carer and parent during this period of "private fostering".

Private fostering includes language students staying with a host family, children from abroad staying with relatives (e.g. cousins), and children who are staying with their friend's family or family friends for any reason.

It is not private fostering if the arrangement was made by the Council's children's services or if the person looking after the child is an approved foster carer.

Tell us about a "private fostering" arrangement or phone us on 01634 33 44 66 for more on the responsibilities of a private foster carer.

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