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Young people's health

Search our directory to find confidential help and advice for young people

C-Card, contraception, STIs, pregnancy options

Advice and help from Talk to Frank on substance misuse for those worried about a young person or requiring information

Advice from Open Road about alcohol and drug misuse, and how to help yourself and others close to you with problems

For information on teenage pregnancy phone our Child Health Programme Manager on 01634 33 26 45

For information on sexual health, CASH, GUM and student health services phone our Sexual Health Project Officer on 01634 33 13 84

For information on chlamydia services phone 01634 33 13 82

For organisations and professionals working with young people 

We offer training, and a number of projects and services to organisations and professionals working with children and young people in Medway to support better health.

Request information about working with young people or phone 01634 332 645