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Transforming health and social care

The NHS, social care and public health in Kent and Medway are working together to plan how we will transform health and social care services to meet the changing needs of local people.

It's the first time we have all worked together in this way and it gives us a unique opportunity to improve health and social care over the next five years.

Our draft Health and Social Care Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) sets out how services need to change over the next five years to achieve the right care for people for decades to come. It will help us deliver the Five Year Forward View, which sets out the national vision for health and social care.

Learn more about the plan with our Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP) video.

Our case for change

We all want health and social care services that can meet our needs now and in the future.  However, we face new challenges that mean we need to change the way we work to improve care and get better value for the money we have available. Our case for change describes the challenges and explains why change is necessary.

Read Our case for change and visit the www.kentandmedway.nhs.uk website to sign up for a regular newsletter about the future plans for health and social care in Kent and Medway, and to find out how and where you can get involved.  Over the coming weeks and months there will be opportunities for staff and local people to share their views and contribute to the development of these plans.  

Attend public engagement events.

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