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Report a problem with your bill

Apply for a discount, exemption or reduction

Appeal if you think your bill is wrong

If you think your bill is wrong because:

  • We have made you liable for council tax or charged you for incorrect dates.
  • We have turned down your application for a discount, reduction  or exemption and you do not agree with our decision

Email ctax@medway.gov.uk, telling us your name and address, your account reference number, and what you think is wrong with the bill.

Indicate that your query is an appeal. We may ask you for more information. We will then decide either that the bill is wrong and send you a new one or the bill is right and tell you why.

If you have already contacted us and are not happy with our decision you can make an appeal to an independent tribunal. We will send you details of who you need to contact when we reply to your query.

If you think the band on your property is wrong

If you want to appeal because you think your property should be in a lower council tax valuation band you must contact the Valuation Office Agency

You can appeal against the band set on your property if:

  • You have been liable for council tax on the property for less than six months and you can demonstrate that the property value as at 1 April 1991 would have put the property in a different band;
  • There has been a change in the physical state of the property that would alter the value sufficiently to place it in another band;
  • There have been structural changes to the property that would alter the value significantly to place it in another band.

All council tax valuations are based on 1 April 1991 values. General changes in house prices since this date cannot be considered as grounds for an appeal. Until an appeal has been determined, the bill must be paid.

Liability for council tax

Only people aged 18 years or more are liable to pay council tax. Where there is more than one such person, the one nearest the top of the following list is normally liable:

  • A freehold owner who lives at the property
  • A leasehold owner who lives at the property
  • A tenant who lives at the property
  • A licensee who lives at the property
  • Anybody who lives at the property
  • The owner

If two or more people meet the same description on this list, they are jointly and severally liable.

Married couples or those living together as partners are also jointly and severally liable whether they have an equal interest in the property or not.

Please note however that the owner is always liable where a property is:

  • A residential care home or nursing home
  • Occupied by more than one household where residents pay rent separately
  • Occupied by a minister of religion or a religious community
  • Occupied by domestic servants
  • Occupied by asylum seekers

Help us to stop fraud

Know someone who is claiming a reduction in their council tax fraudulently?

Report it by phone on 01634 332233 or email investigation.team@medway.gov.uk