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Crime and disorder

Medway Council knows that fear of crime prevents many people, particularly older people, from doing some of the things which they might do, such as going out at night. Young people are similarly concerned about their safety.  This is despite the fact that crime in Medway is actually lower than the England and Wales average.

Over recent years the Community Safety Partnership has had successes in bringing down crime, particularly car crime and burglary. This has been achieved through agencies working together with local people.  

However it is clear that for the people of Medway to feel safer crimes such as violence, criminal damage and anti-social behaviour must continue to be dealt with

In the Community Safety Plan the council sets out how it will achieve this. Its success remains dependent on everybody in the community playing their part, whether that be ensuring older neighbours are safe, volunteering to work with young people or helping to act as the eyes and ears of the police. Together we can make Medway an even safer place to live and work.