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Penalty notices and fines

You could get a fixed penalty notice if you don’t dispose of waste properly. Report environmental problems including fly tipping, littering, smoking in prohibited areas, vehicle repairs on highways, illegal car sales, illegal street trading.

You can be given a fine by post or on the spot if you commit any of the offences listed below.

Offence Amount of penalty if paid within 10 days - unless specified (£)   Full amount if paid within 14 days - unless specified (£)       Maximum penalty (£)    
Littering     60   80           2,500    
Failure to comply with a Community Protection Notice     70   100          

2,500 - individual Unlimited - business

Failure to comply with a Public Spaces Protection Order     70   100           1,000    
Failure to produce waste documents     N/A   300           5,000 (or, on prosecution, unlimited fine)    
Failure to provide a waste carrier licence to transport waste     N/A   300           5,000    
Handing out free print materials without permission     60   80           2,500    
Fly-posting (putting up advertising materials without permission)     60   80           2,500    
Abandoning a vehicle     150   100            2,500 and/or imprisonment    
Nuisance parking (selling or repairing vehicles on a road)     80   100           2,500    
Graffiti     60   80            5,000 and/or imprisonment    
Failure to comply with a waste receptacles notice    

75 - commercial

60 - domestic




Not complying with a dog control order     60   80           1,000    
Smoking in a smoke free premises     30 within 15 days   50           200    
Not displaying no smoking signs in smoke free premises, places or vehicles     150 within 15 days   200 within 29 days           1,000    

Rubbish out early

There has been a great deal of publicity on the problem of littering, refuse out early and fly tipping. Community Penalty Warnings & Notices can be issued for Refuse Out Early.

Before a rubbish and recycling collection you are expected to:

  • store it properly on your property
  • put it out no later than 7am on collection day and no earlier than the night before
  • take it to one of the three Council run civic amenity sites if it needs to be disposed of before the usual collection day

The sites include: Sundridge Hill - Cuxton, Ambley Road off Hoath Way – Gillingham, Shawstead Road – Capstone

Smoking fines

It is illegal to smoke in smoke-free areas and public places and it could result in a fine from £30 to £1000.

There are three non-smoking offences, these include:

  • smoking in a smoke-free place or vehicle
  • allowing smoking in a smoke-free place or vehicle
  • not displaying 'no smoking' signs in a smoke free place or vehicle

It’s illegal to smoke in public places, such as:

  • offices
  • bars or restaurants
  • shops
  • work vehicles like taxis, vans, minicabs
  • public transport

The smokefree legislation means:

  • employers and managers have to make sure their premises are smokefree
  • signs need to be displayed in buildings and vehicles when people enter
  • work vehicles have to display a ‘no smoking’ sign

The smokefree legislation doesn’t mean:

  • that employers have to provide smoking breaks, areas or shelters
  • that you can’t smoke in your own home
  • that you can’t smoke in outside areas

Paying a fixed penalty notice

Paying a fixed penalty notice:

  • isn’t an admission of guilt
  • doesn't result in a conviction or criminal record
  • means you will never be prosecuted for the offence

If you’re struggling to pay the fixed penalty:

You cannot pay for a fixed penalty notice in instalments. However, if you contact Medway Council within the 14 day payment period, we may extend the payment for up to 28 days from the date the ticket was issued under certain circumstances.

Disputing a fixed penalty notice in court

You can’t appeal a fixed penalty notice, so if you think the notice was incorrect and choose not to pay you will have to make your case at court. If the court thinks you committed the offence, they can impose a maximum penalty, dependant on offence, as shown above.. 

You can request a court hearing to appeal a smoking fine through the section on the Fixed Penalty Notice and return to the issuing officer at: Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4TR.


When paying you will need to quote your surname and the Fixed Penalty Notice number as the reference.

Payment can easily be made online using a debit or credit card or by phoning 01634 333128 or 01634 333333.

Alternatively, you can pay by post by writing the notice number (found at the front of your ticket) on the back of the cheque or postal order and making it payable to: Medway Council, Cashiers, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4TR.

If you provide a stamped addressed envelope we will send you a receipt, do not send cash through the post. Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.

Wrong address

If you receive a fixed penalty notice and the named person doesn’t live there, phone 01634 33 33 33.