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Council housing consultation

We want to continue to provide a range of high quality services for tenants and leaseholders, and want your views on how we do this.

Open consultations:

There are currently no open consultations

Closed consultations:

Tenancy Fraud Policy

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Tenancy Fraud Policy consultation.  We will inform you of when the final policy has been published.

Pets policy

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Pets Policy consultation. Following your feedback there have been no changes made to the number of dogs allowed to be kept in each property type, although we have updated the policy to allow for 1 cat to be kept in a 1 bedroom property. View the updated Pets Policy (pdf 167 KB) or view the Quick Guide to the Pet Policy (pdf 200 KB).

All pets kept in a tenants home must be registered with Housing Services. Apply to register your pet.

Annual Budget and Capital works presentation 2017 Monday 16 January

Housing Services held its annual residents meeting at Gun Wharf to consult on the budget proposals for 2017/18  Residents were given an overview of the factors influencing the 2017/18 budget and the budgeting challenges Housing Services are facing over the next few years.  Residents were also shown how their rent money will be spent in the forthcoming year.

Residents were asked to identify what they felt Housing should prioritise when considering their budgets. 

Here are the results:

Residents priorites graph

Performance and Partnership meeting 31 March 2017

This meeting was to gather suggestions and review the current resident involvement structure, to ensure that your opinion as a residents counts. The meeting covered what works well or hasn’t be as effective as we had wanted. Minutes to the meeting can be found here with the presentation too which was part of the meeting.  (pdf287KB)

Customer Sounding Board 21 February 2017

This meeting was reviewing Medway Council Housing Services existing and draft new policy. Resident’s were invited to offer feedback for the development and monitoring of the documents.

The draft domestic abuse policy was given to residents to read through and discuss the various areas that the housing department would need to act, in order to support residents in this situation. There are legal requirements for Medway Council therefore the policy has references to other acts / policies and the language isn’t customer friendly. It was agreed that a shorter version with reference to organisations and helplines would be more effective for residents, however a policy of this type is needed for officer reference and legal reasons for the housing department.

The second document to be reviewed was the pet’s policy. Residents agreed that this type of policy is necessary in order to prevent ASB however felt that the tenancy agreement needs to be referenced in the policy in order to be effective when taking action against residents that do not adhere to the policy.

The Leaseholder handbook has been reviewed by some leaseholders and other customers to ensure the language and layout is user friendly.

Once the documents have been finalised they will be published on Housing Services policies page

Customer Sounding Board

Residents attended a sounding board on 8 June 2016 to discuss Local Offers and the Youth Engagement Strategy.

Here are some of the things they felt strongly we should do:

  • offer more around increasing basic computer skill and this should be done in small groups so training is more personal
  • more promotion of services available, including the out of hour's emergency number
  • reinforce the rights and responsibilities of tenants when we let our properties to them. Whilst housing does this at sign up, residents feel more could be done to ensure the message and consequences are as clear as possible.

Our Community Development Officer then discussed the Youth Engagement strategy outlining what the key objectives are. Residents discussed how they could contribute to the action plan and the possibility of a mentoring programme. Residents were given a copy of the strategy to take away and review. Attendees at the meeting and other interested residents will be asked to come back and finalise the Local offers.

Repairs and Maintenance Cuppa and Catch up

The aim of this catch up was to inform residents of the capital works programme for 2016/17 and to capture what is working well and what may need improving within the repairs and maintenance service. The repairs and maintenance service is currently contracted out to Mears who where also present at the meeting.

This meeting gave residents the opportunity to meet the teams that deal with the repairs and maintenance service and capital works to gain a better understanding of the processes when it comes to planning and delivering works to Medway Council properties.

The deputy head of housing chaired the meeting. He opened the session with an introduction of staff so customers could put a face to names.  This lead on to a networking session where the customers and staff had an informal chat giving customers the opportunity to ask questions and get to know what the staff individual roles are within the service.

The deputy head of housing presentation on: Capital works programme 2016/17; Environmental improvements & other works; Business plan; Energy saving; Stock condition surveys; Fire risk assessment works.

The session was closed with a question and answer session for customers to ask about the content of the presentation and also query anything they may have experienced from previous repairs or maintenance works. Staff were also available at the end to chat to customers that didn’t necessarily feel comfortable to ask questions within an open forum.

Performance and Partnership meeting - Anti Social Behaviour, Wednesday 24 February

Tenants that had previously logged an anti social behaviour (ASB) case with Housing Services within the past two years were invited to take part in a workshop to review how Housing Services deals with ASB and identify areas for improvement. The meeting had the Housing Manager and representatives from the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) team to facilitate the workshops to capture as much feedback from the tenants.

First thing on the agenda was an exercise for the tenants to highlight the three types of anti-social behaviour that concern them the most. Noise nuisance came out as the biggest problem. Leading on from the first workshop the Housing Manager gave a short presentation on ASB.

Reviewing the service and experience the tenants had when they reported ASB enabled them to create some objectives they would like to see come out of the meeting:


  • Trust to be regained in Housing Services for Tenants by Housing managing expectations and keeping their word
  • Keep residents up to date on cases
  • Police and housing officers to report more quickly to residents

The Housing Manager gave the final presentation of the day advising tenants how to report ASB and gather evidence, explaining the importance of having this evidence and it being robust enough to present in court and take legal action.  He covered the various methods on reporting ASB: Telephone: 01634 333344; To officers on estate inspections; Online via council website or email; Facebook or twitter direct message only.

Sgt Stephen Holpin from the Community Safety Partnership team advised how the police monitor and deal with reports of ASB. Methods of reporting ASB to the community safety team is via telephone 101 number or if you wish to report in person they are available in the local community hubs.

Missed the meeting or would like a recap?

Anti Social Behaviour workshop meeting 24 February 2016 (pdf 167KB)

View the full presentation Annual budget presentation 26/01/2016 (pdf 1,013KB)  

Got a question? email tenant.participation@medway.gov.uk