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Succession is a right given under the Housing Act 1985 for secure tenants to pass on their tenancy following their death.

Tenants with an introductory tenancy also have the right of succession under the Housing Act 1996, providing that the successor occupied the tenant’s property as their only or principal home immediately before the death of the tenant. Any qualifying successor would succeed to the remaining period of the introductory tenancy, which would then become secure at the end of that period.

Make a claim for succession

Any person who wishes to make a claim for succession following the death of a tenant must do so within one month of their death. We may grant an extension of time in special circumstances.

If you are living with a family member who has died you must also inform your housing officer as soon as possible.

There can only be one succession of a tenancy. This means that if the deceased tenant was already a successor in his or her own right, the tenancy cannot normally be passed on again to another person. On receiving a succession claim, we will carry out checks to establish whether or not there has already been a succession of the tenancy.