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Housing strategies

Housing Strategy 2015-18


The Housing Strategy 2015-18 provides a comprehensive picture of the current housing needs and demands in Medway and sets out how we will counter existing and anticipated challenges.  It also considers new approaches to tackling emerging challenges and sets out how the council can take opportunities arising from changes in legislation and the wider environment.

Whilst the primary focus of this strategy is housing, the scope reaches far beyond.  Poor housing or lack of a home has a detrimental impact on many areas including employment, crime, education and health.  Housing and support provides valuable help to enable people to achieve increased independence at times of difficulty and can prevent difficulties becoming a crisis. 

The Housing Strategy is designed around four Strategic Priorities:

·         Increase the SUPPLY of suitable and affordable homes

·         Improve the QUALITY of homes, environment and people’s lives

·         Promote SUSTAINABILITY by supporting people within their community

·         Improve the FLEXIBILITY of accommodation

Download the Housing Strategy 2015-18 (pdf363KB)