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Schools complaints procedure

Day to day management of each school is in the hands of the headteacher who is responsible to the governing body. It is the governing body that has the overall responsibility for determining how the school is run within the framework of national and local policies and regulations.

Each school and governing body is required have a complaints policy and procedure in place and to advise parents of the policy. This will cover all matters for which the school and governing body are responsible. Please contact the relevant school direct for a copy of its policy.

Complainants are required to follow the school complaints process and if, having completed this process, they are not satisfied with the outcome, they may ask the Local Government Ombudsman consider the complaint.

Complaints dealt with by the council

The following complaints come outside the scope of the school’s own complaints procedure:


The council, as the Local Authority, has responsibility for admissions to community and controlled schools. Any appeals or complaints should be referred to the admissions team. Admissions to aided and foundation schools should be dealt with by the diocese and/or the governors of the school. 

Child protection

Child protection issues should be investigated by Children's Care Services and the police. The school’s prime responsibility is to trigger the appropriate procedure through the council. 

The curriculum and religious worship

Complaints about the curriculum and religious worship should be considered by the school and governing body initially. If the complainant is still not satisfied with the outcome, the matter should be referred to Medway Council’s school advisory team. For further information, follow the link at the top of this page. 


Governing bodies are required to set up exclusions committees to consider exclusions, following guidance procedures issued by the Department for Education.

Special educational needs

Complaints should be referred to Medway Council’s special educational needs team