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Have your say on the future of Medway

21 December 2016

Over the next 20 years Medway must evolve to manage a growing population and create a sustainable environment for future generations.

With a focus on employment opportunities, housing need, economic growth and environmental impacts, the council is obliged by central government to create a Local Plan to set out how the area will develop up until 2035.

Local people will play a major role in identifying opportunities for change and further realising the potential that Medway has to be a great place to live, work, visit and learn.

Public consultation

A public consultation will begin on Monday, 16 January, and this will give residents a chance to look at proposed options for growth, feedback and suggest their own ideas.

The main task for Medway’s new Local Plan will be to identify the potential for Medway to deliver sufficient land for up to 30,000 new homes (prescribed by central government following growth analysis), together with employment and retail land, infrastructure investments and community services and facilities. The council needs to achieve all of this while also protecting and enhancing the natural, built and historic environment.

Through the consultation process local people can influence how Medway will transform over the next two decades, contributing towards the council’s vision of Medway becoming a leading waterfront university city of 330,000 people, noted for its revitalised urban centres, and its stunning natural and historic assets, and countryside.

The creation of a Local Plan is one of the most significant and important tasks councils face, and in Medway it is seen as an enormous opportunity to achieve great things for residents and their families in years to come.

Before a final decision is made about Medway’s future, there are many stages of consultation and assessment to go through. At this stage, it is thought Medway’s Local Plan will be implemented in 2019, subject to outcomes of an independent examination by a planning inspector.

Have your views heard

Medway Council’s Leader Cllr Alan Jarrett said: “This is a really important opportunity for Medway residents to have their views heard about the various proposals. We understand this is a sensitive topic for some local people, so it’s key that everyone gets involved at this early stage, attends up coming events to find out more and understand the scale of what the council is obliged to achieve.

“Regeneration is at the core of Medway’s growth plans and its vision for how the area should look and function by 2035. We’re committed to providing renewed urban areas with high quality services and developments along the waterfront and in town centres that bring jobs, homes and services to Medway’s communities.”

Planning for a growing Medway

Cllr Jane Chitty, Portfolio Holder for Planning, Economic Growth and Regulation, said: “The new local plan is set to reflect the hopes and aspirations of local people. We want residents to be proud of where they live, and the Local Plan is key to that, planning for a sustainable, exciting and prosperous future.

“This is all about planning for new and enhanced services and facilities, new schools and roads, opportunities for businesses creating more jobs for the area, and developing sites for affordable homes for our growing population.

“While the Local Plan is something we have a duty to deliver, it’s very much an exciting opportunity for us to work with local people to create the best possible version of Medway. With everyone’s input Medway can become an even more valued place to live, work, visit and learn.”

Take part in the consultation

The consultation will run from Monday, 16 January and has been extended to Tuesday, 30 May 2017 for comments on the Habitats Regulations Assessment screening report.

The council will also accept comments by this date that address the HRA report in conjunction with views on the Development Options report and other supporting documents.

View the consultation documents.