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Decision on Children's Centre Services 'called in'

Friday, 19 May

The decision made by Cabinet on Tuesday, 9 May, to go out to consultation on the transformation of early help services, including children's centres, has been ‘called in’ by the Medway Labour Group. This means the matter must now go to the Children and Young People’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday, 30 May. The meeting will be held at St George’s Centre in Chatham, from 6.30pm.

After debating the matter, the committee will vote on one of three options. They can refer the matter back to Cabinet along with comments from the committee and if that happens Cabinet will consider those comments at its next meeting on Tuesday, 6 June. Alternatively, the committee can support the original Cabinet decision or in limited circumstances refer the matter to Full Council for discussion.

Early years consultation

This ‘call-in’ means the consultation start date originally published has changed. We now plan to start the consultation on Wednesday, 31 May after the overview and scrutiny committee meeting.

The six-week consultation will be extensive with opportunities for people to have their say and the council will work closely with a wide range of people including families, carers, schools, health providers and staff. There will be 38 consultation events within the community where people can find out more and have their say, as well as online information and an e-form for submitting comments.