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The new way to book and pay for pest control

We all enjoy the longer days and warmer weather of spring, but with that comes a rise in the number of pests and in particular, wasps. Wasps can be a nuisance when they intrude on your picnic or day out, but when they decide to build a nest in your home it can be a real concern for families.

But it’s now easier and simpler than ever before to get rid of wasps in your home, as well as other pests including bedbugs, rats, mice, ants, cockroaches or fleas.

Residents can now book and pay for treatments online on Medway Council's website and when booking appointments can select a morning or afternoon slot to avoid having to wait in all day.

Businesses requiring pest control services can also use the website to book a slot for a survey.

Spot the signs

Wasps are this season’s most common problem pest, so here are some top tips to spot the signs:

The nests are normally difficult to spot, often hidden away in areas such as lofts and trees. Look out for:

• a stream of wasps entering and leaving one area

• nests that look like they are made from paper – wasps use chewed wood pulp and saliva

• nests built in sheltered spots with easy access to the outside


Ways you can tell the difference between wasps and bees:

• wasps have much less hair on their bodies

• wasps have multiple yellow and black stripes across their abdomen

• wasps don’t usually fly around in a swarm – if you think you're seeing this, it's likely to be honey bees

Other pay online services

The new online booking and payments system is all part of Medway Council’s transformation programme which aims to improve customer experience. Over the past 12 months the programme has also introduced a pay online function for customers to easily pay council tax and business rates  – a quicker option for customers that’s hassle free, simple and secure. It’s smartphone and tablet friendly too.

Medway Norse now delivers pest control services on behalf of Medway Council, for residents and businesses.