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Our website is intended to allow you to find information and complete tasks quickly and easily. 

You can find information using several methods:

Browse using the right-hand navigation. Each section will expand as you click on the tabs. 

  • I am – we have grouped together information for various types of people
  • I want to – some popular tasks requested by customers listed so you can find them quickly and easily
  • Find my nearest – find services by location or enter your postcode for a more personal search
  • What we do – a list of the services the council offers grouped by topic
  • A-Z of services - if you know exactly what service you are looking for

You can also find your way around using the search box in the top right corner of the website. Type in your search phrase or keywords and press ‘enter’ or click the magnifying glass icon. Alternatively, click the magnifying glass to access a dedicated site search page.

You can also navigate links at the top of the page, which provide quick access back to Home, Pay, Apply, Report, Contact Us and other Popular pages

Content pages provide a "breadcrumb trail" of links to all levels of the hierarchy above your current page location. This allows you to click back up the chain of pages if required.

At the bottom of every page you can access website information and contact details. A link to the site map can be found here which lists the principal levels of navigation for the whole site.

Remember that you can always get back to the home page by clicking Home at the top of the page or by clicking on the council logo. 

Help viewing PDFs

Information on viewing PDFs is available here.

Useful tools

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If you visit this website regularly to complete specific tasks you can add your frequently visited pages as ‘Quick Links’ so that they are available on the website home page the next time you visit.  Find out more on our Quick Links page.

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A quick tool to send an email to a friend that contains the information on that page.  Simply fill in the form and your friend will be sent the page.


Information on accessibility is available here

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