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The Wigmore Lectures Programme

Season tickets are available for the lecture series, offering a saving on the total cost of attendance over the six months.

More recently, an additional Wigmore Lectures ON TOUR programme has been added, bringing the winning programme to at least three other libraries across Medway which also includes at least one day time lecture.

The Wigmore Lectures are delivered by Medway Council’s Arts Development Team and supported by Medway libraries.

Dates remaining in the current series:

Wednesday 17 January, 8pm at Wigmore Library SOLD OUT
Suzanne Corbie:  The Wheel of the Year


Wednesday 21 February, 8pm at Wigmore Library
Kathryn Hughes:  The Victorians Undone


Wednesday 21 March, 8pm at Wigmore Library
Toni Mount:  Henry VIII – Hero or villain?

Monday 22 January, 2pm ON TOUR at Wigmore Library
Delia Taylor:  The Golden Age of Hollywood


Wednesday 7 February, 8pm ON TOUR at Twydall Library
Ann Kneif:  The Bevin Boys


Wednesday 7 March, 2pm ON TOUR at Lordswood Library
Ian Porter:  Suffragettes

Are you feeling inspired?

If you would like to learn more about the other events and activities at the library, please visit the libraries page.