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New for 2017

Splat! is a family event taking place in Rochester Castle Moat on Monday 1 May, 11am to 4pm as part of Rochester Sweeps Festival.  Splat! is suitable for all the family and offers hands-on workshops for children in a safe, family-friendly environment. Our map will help you find where Splat! is located.

What's on


Fairyland Trust Magic Wand workshops

Find more details below.

Xtina Lamb Flag and Tote workshops

Screenprinting workshops running all day.

Natasha Steer Flower Garland workshops

Free workshop running all day.

Plungeboom, The Allotment

The public are invited into to help tend to the baby fruits and vegetables. 

Honk Project, Dancing Day Trippers

A moped and side car, Doris and Alby in 50’s garb.  Buffoonery, jive and live music, with lots of audience interaction.

Curious Cargo, Meadow Sprites

Find more details below.


Handmade Theatre, Flying the Nest

Find more details below.


Bread & Butter Theatre, Topiary Bushes

Roaming Moat area.  Two huge topiary bushes in terracotta pots.  Audience interaction.

Amy Amelia Arts, Woodland Fairy

Woodland Fairy and her crystals.  Close-up magical interaction.  Walkabout.

Balloonatic, Shed of Stories

Stories told by performers, inside and outside the shed.  Between stories, the shed becomes a mobile library where families can also write stories.




Curious Cargo – Meadow Sprites

Charming, cheeky and thoroughly engaging, these magical creatures have flown in from the meadow to explore the human world. Watch them as they fly and flit about, spreading summer’s warmth and tales of their woodland habitat. Now you see them, now you don’t!

curious cargo

Bread and Butter Theatre Company – Topiary Bushes

Two huge topiary bushes nestled in gigantic terracotta pots – this is horticulture on a grand scale.

Passers-by will be surprised and delighted by the mischievous garden fairies that live within. But beware, they can be over-zealous with their watering cans!

bread and butter

HandMade Theatre presents - Flying The Nest

Welcome to Hatchling College, an eggciting place to learn all about native birds and how to be a good birder.  Sit in a giant nest and get involved in this interactive eggsperience led by our three eggstrodinary professors.  Filled with a fantastic mix of music, puppetry, facts and fun, this humorous show brings to life native bird characters in a new and engaging way.

A show suitable for children aged 4 to 9 years, including those with special education needs, and their families.  



The Fairyland Trust – Magic Wand workshops

Magic Wands is our ‘signature’ workshop and readily recognized by children and adults as about nature and magical folklore. We use simple versions of the rich folk traditions associated with the powers of trees in Anglo Saxon and Celtic culture. Each participant will learn about eight native trees, their folklore and natural history and how to recognize them in the woods.



fairyland splat