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Sweeps Sunday 30 April

Morris dancers with may pole


Sunday, 30 April - programme of events:

Find out more about the performers at the festival by reading their biographies. Our map will help you find the stages /locations where the bands will be performing.


10am Old Post Office Stage: Songwriters' Den on the Road
10.15am Walking Tour - starts from Rochester's Visitor Information Centre
11am Castle Gardens Stage: The Allen Family
  Crown Freehouse Stage: Mike Deavin
  Boley Hill Stage: Alison & Jack
  City Wall Wine Bar: Fiddlefit
  Sailing Barge Kitty: Border Crossing
12pm Castle Gardens Stage: The Hot Rats
  Crown Freehouse Stage: Track Dogs
  Boley Hill Stage: Morrigan
  City Wall Wine Bar: Ian Boulton
12.30pm Gordon House Hotel: Green Diesel
  Crown Freehouse: The Bounty Hounds
  Two Brewers: Two Man Ting
  King's Head: The Oakland Brothers
  Eagle Tavern: Sur Les Docks
  Coopers Arms: Sarah Lucy Dole
  Singapora Lounge: Rosie Eade Band
  Good Intent: Singaround
  Crown Freehouse Stage: Broomdasher
  Prince of Wales: The Jones Boys     
1pm Boley Hill Stage: Rik Van Den Bosch
  City Wall Wine Bar: Alison & Jack
  Ye Arrow: Triality
1.15pm Castle Gardens Stage: the Fabulous Fezheads
2pm Crown Freehouse Stage: Ash Mandrake
  Boley Hill Stage: Ian Boulton
  Man of Kent Alehouse: Morrigan
  Oliver's Bar & Restaurant: Tim Edey
  Sailing Barge Kitty: Floating Ukuleles
  City Wall Wine Bar Stage: Les Elvin
2.15pm Walking Tour - starts from Rochester's Visitor Information Centre
3pm Crown Freehouse Stage: The Allen Family
  Boley Hill Stage: Captain Patch & The Mermaid Mollies
  City Wall Wine Bar: Broomdasher
  Gordon House Hotel:  McManigan Academy of Irish Dancers
3.45pm Castle Gardens Stage: The Heart Collectors
4pm Crown Freehouse Stage: Foot |Down
  Boley Hill Stage: Sarah Lucy Dole
  City Wall Wine Bar: Ian Petrie & Sue Hudson
  Eagle Tavern: Skinners Rats
  Crown Freehouse: Triality
  King's Head: Rosie Eade Band
  Flippin' Frog: Border Crossing
5pm Oliver’s Bar & Restaurant: Two Man Ting
5.30pm     Ye Arrow: Sur Les Docks
6pm    Sailing Barge Kitty: Concert with The Flowing (ticket only)
  Good Intent: Tanglefoot
8pm Gordon House Hotel: Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs plus Rastko 
8.45pm Man of Kent Alehouse: Tim Edey
  Good Intent: Singaround 
  Two Brewers: Jumbo Gumbo
  Singapora Lounge: Kelter
  Flippin Frog: The Heart Collectors 
  Prince of Wales, Strood - Fiddlefit