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Macmillan collections

All of the books, DVDs and CDs on this list are available to borrow and can be reserved and collected from any Medway library. If the title is not available at your local library, it can be delivered to any Medway library of your choice. You can arrange this by contacting your local library or by using the online library catalogue.


The leaflets and booklets are available for reference only in Chatham Community Hub, Strood and Rainham libraries but you can order your own copies of these free of charge. The contact details for the organisation that produces the leaflet should be noted on the leaflet itself. If you are unsure of how to order a copy, please ask a member of staff.

The booklist

Books for carers

Being a Cancer Patient's Carer

Written for the non-professional, this guide offers advice on addressing the uncomfortable problems and decisions cancer patients and their caregivers must tackle both before but primarily after receiving treatment. The 42 chapters discuss appetite, constipation, depression, and other practical care concerns as well as the more psychological concerns.

Caring for Someone with Cancer

This handbook provides carers with the knowledge and understanding required to look after a family member or friend with cancer, and includes information on relevant sources of help.

The Selfish Pig's Guide to Caring

Six million people in the UK provide unpaid care for disabled or elderly relatives or neighbours. Oddly, though they are by definition anything but selfish, they are prone to feelings of guilt, brought on by isolation and fatigue. This book explores what carers and others should know about caring.

What Can I do to Help? 75 Practical Ideas for Family and Friends from Cancer's Frontline

Based on the advice of hundreds of cancer sufferers, this is a text for all of us who have ever felt helpless, tactless, inadequate - just when someone we love needs us most.

Hello and how are you?

A guide for people who are caring for someone with cancer, written by carers. It offers advice about how to handle practical matters, employment and work issues, relationships and life after caring.

Caring for Someone with Cancer - spoken word CD

Information for carers from Asian and Chinese communities, produced by the Afiya Trust, is available in Bengali, Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.

Books for children

Badger's Parting Gifts

Badger was dependable, and always ready to lend a helping paw. He was very old and wise, and knew that he would die soon. Susan Varley wrote this book to help children overcome the death of loved ones, and it has since become a children's classic.

Why Mum? A Small Child Dealing with a Big Problem.

'Why Mum?' is a children’s picture book exploring the serious illness of parent through the eyes of seven-year-old Matthew. It works chronologically through the illness and deals with the different feelings and questions the child experiences as they arise. It also shows how life changes for him and the family and how he adapts to this.

My Brother has Cancer

This is a story about a brother and sister of a child with cancer and how they cope with the illness and the changes it brings. It is aimed at children up to nine years old.

Lucy has a Tumour

A storybook written especially for parents and carers to read with children to help them understand what cancer is and the treatment it involves.

Mary has a Brain Tumour

A storybook written especially for parents and carers to read with children to help them understand what cancer is and the treatment it involves.

Joe has Leukaemia

A storybook written especially for parents and carers to read with children to help them understand what cancer is and the treatment it involves.

The Secret C: Straight Talking about Cancer

Written by the founder of Winston's Wish, this illustrated book for children provides a sensitive introduction for a child when a parent, a sibling or a person close to them is diagnosed with cancer.

What's it like? Cancer

Introduces young readers to conditions and disabilities that may affect them, or their friends and family. Each title discusses what the condition is, how it can be treated, how it affects everyday life and what it is like to have these conditions.

Jack's Diary

A children's book to help young patients understand and deal with blood cancers.

Living with Leukaemia

Through case studies, readers learn about living with leukaemia: the treatment involved and the consequences. Susie copes with her own illness and sadness when her friend dies. With their leukaemia in remission, Jack and Susie talk about how they feel after all they've been through.

Peppermint Ward. A Story about Children with Cancer

Written specifically for children aged six to nine, this illustrated book tells the story of Sam, a child with cancer. We follow Sam on his cancer journey, from when he has an MRI scan to when he loses his hair. This book can help parents or health professionals prepare children so they have a better understanding of what to expect during their own cancer journey.

Books for parents

A Child's Grief. Supporting a Child when Someone in the Family has Died

This book is a very useful and informative introduction for any adult who is supporting a child through bereavement. It covers a variety of issues that may affect a child when a person close to them dies, both immediately and in the longer term. The book offers practical suggestions and ideas for activities to do together with a child and includes a section on suggested further reading and where to find additional support.

As Big as it Gets - Supporting a Child when Someone in their Family is Seriously Ill

Children can be deeply affected by the serious illness of a parent or brother or sister. Helping children to feel involved but not overwhelmed when someone in the family is seriously ill is simply ‘as big as it gets’. There are ways of talking about what is happening, sharing feelings and preparing for the journey ahead. The aim is for the children to feel resilient and strong, and confident enough to share the natural feelings of loss when someone they care about is seriously ill.

Talking to Children about Cancer. A Guide for Parents and Carers

Offers practical advice on how to talk, cope and share experiences.

Talking to Children when an Adult has Cancer

This booklet is designed to help people decide how much to tell children about a diagnosis of cancer, when to tell them, and what to say if they ask about dying.

General support

After the Death of Someone Very Close

A guide to the emotions commonly experienced during the grief of bereavement. A basic, helpful introduction to bereavement, whatever the circumstances.

Living and dying with Cancer

Explores the impact of cancer on those with the disease and the people around them.

Diet and dancer

Nutritional advice.

Lost for words. How to talk to someone with cancer

Helps you understand better what your friend or relative is going through and the value of providing support by talking and listening to them. It also discusses communication problems you may experience, and includes a practical checklist of ways you can help.

Taking Control of Cancer. Everything you Want to Know about Cancer - Getting information,Treatment options, Choices, Self-help

A very useful and immensely supportive book, both for individuals facing cancer and for their loved ones

Trust me, I'm a Cancer Patient

A practical guide for patients with cancer, as well as those helping them, advising them on how to deal with issues and challenges they commonly face. Presented in a conversational style, this book is full of information on every stage of the illness.

C. Because Cowards get Cancer too...

When John Diamond discovered that he had cancer, he decided to write about his feelings in his column for the Times. In this book, Diamond tells his story, discussing his cancer and the treatment he received

The Cancer Manual: Haynes Owners Workshop Manual

Most cancers are commoner in men than in women. However, although about one man in three will develop a cancer at some time in his life, the most common forms are almost entirely preventable through attention to lifestyle or treatable through early diagnosis. This manual gives useful advice.

Guides to specific conditions

The library holds some information booklets about specific conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Understanding early bladder cancer
  • Understanding cancer of the large bowel
  • Understanding breast cancer
  • Understanding secondary breast cancer
  • Dying with cancer
  • Living at home when cancer is advanced
  • Adjusting to life after cancer treatment
  • Caring for someone with advanced cancer
  • The emotional effects of cancer
  • Coping with advanced cancer
  • Your BSL guide to the prostate

Download the booklist

Download Macmillan Cancer Support publications (pdf 112KB). To use this file you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it on your computer, please use our advice page.