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Schools and education professionals

Photo of boys looking at a bookMedway Libraries work in partnership with schools to enhance children’s information literacy skills and to develop their love of books and reading.

To arrange a class visit to the library, a visit from a librarian to your school or to request a topic box please fill in this school visit request form and email it to chatham.library@medway.gov.uk or for more information call 01634 337799.

Visiting the library

Bringing a class on a school trip to your local library is an ideal opportunity for you and your pupils to:

  • find out what the library has to offer
  • develop information skills as required by the National Curriculum
  • engage in participatory storytelling and stimulating poetry
  • participate in library skills sessions
  • browse, select and borrow from the wide range of children's books

We aim to include stories and to tie the session into your current topic where possible. 

Borrowing from the library

Teachers can apply for a Teacher library card in addition to their personal library card entitling them to 30 extra children’s books for use in school.

If your class is visiting the library, children with existing memberships can bring their library cards and borrow books. 

Children who are not members of the library can have a letter and joining form sent home. If the forms are returned to the library two weeks prior to the visit, they can collect a new library card during the visit and borrow books.

Visit from a librarian to your school

A visit from a Community Librarian to your school may include:

  • an introduction to Medway Libraries – how to join and what materials and services are available
  • interactive talk about books and reading
  • encourage the children to enjoy stories and reading
  • celebration of book week
  • storytelling
  • poetry workshops
  • lunchtime or after school readers' group or book club 
  • bookmaking

Online resources

Visit our online resources to discover how our online reference services can help you in class and your pupils with homework.  You can also find useful websites on a wide range of subjects in Library Links.

Children's mobile library

Photo of chihldren's mobile libraryThe children's mobile library visits schools, children's centres and preschools during term time. The mobile library may be available for weekend or school holiday events.  If you finish the book you borrowed from the children's mobile library before the next visit then books may be returned to any Medway library and books borrowed from other Medway Libraries may be returned to the children's mobile library.


Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre

Photo of a BibleLocal area resources at Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre
(MALSC) can assist with local studies for students of all ages. With sufficient notice we can offer  visits, online interactive learning and study packs. We also offer training for teachers. Please consult the local studies Librarians to discuss your requirements on 01634 332714.