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Brian Munday - Medway and around

Medway and Around.

See the castle tall and grey,
Many a battle fought they say.
Old and moving in its way,
Stood a long time here today.

Chatham Empire of years gone bye,
Lots of talent oh so high,
All the stars that once played here,
What a noise, full of cheer.

Chatham Dockyard stood the test,
Stood, and is above the rest.
Fashion outlets and Museum rise
Surely it deserves a prize.

Medway towns, full of fun,
Lots of work has here begun,
Take the Pentagon, what a place
All who come enjoy the taste.

Lots of diners, lots of pubs,
Supermarkets and the clubs,
Football! Gills! Golf as well
All who live here think its swell.

Oh the beauty of the parks,
Hear the birdsong of the larks,
See the swans waiting to be fed,
See the gulls fly overhead.

Dickens Festival once a year,
Act their plays and give good cheer.
All dressed up for Victorian part,
Even had an old handcart!

Medway towns!  Have you been?
Lots of goodies to be seen,
Roasted chestnuts by the fire,
Everything your hearts desire.

Fort Amherst battlements down the street,
Looks over the river, what a treat.
Lord Kitchener looking everywhere,
For this town he seemed to care.

Medway towns, historic yes,
A Cathedral of the very best,
Parties, quizzes, papers too,
Adverts, walkways through and through.

Come along and you may see
That this could be the place to be.
Medway river all for free,
Gave us a place in history!

Brian Munday
March 2008.