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Poetry by David E. Rowe


Your caring caress, your caring touch
Too much, too much

Your fire of hate, your fire of love, how sour your tongue as you strike another blow. Your essence surrounds me, your skin chokes.
Too much, too much

As you surge through my drug induced veins, and maybe I'll erode, from your grip, like sand through aching fingers and cinders when I fall.

Oceans Divide

No more planets spinning baby, the vessel went "CA-BOOM" and soon (hopefully) you'll realise within that immature nut and shell

During show and tell, that our loves doomed, with the vessel it went boom bye, bye baby
The jungles burning and the learning of your pages as come of age, page one to a billion burning in the blaze of our passion

We're doomed from the A to the Z. We've never and soon you'll see
The ocean divides us!!!!!

Moral Mistake

Your morals are reversed, you change plans, hand to hand. Living life as the drifting breeze, I look at you with love, I look at you with hate and disgust is the air I breathe.

I boil like the vial of my rotting, rancid liver, I gaze so caring of your being, yet seeing you as I wished, seeing you I did, with an immoral, ill fated rape of the heart.

Then I looked at me with love, then I looked at me with hate, the soul of my being, now the disgusted air I choke daily, with scared and burnt steps.


These poems are available to download in pdf format: Cinder, Oceans Divide, Moral Mistake (pdf 49KB). To be able to read them, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this on your computer, please use our advice page.