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Glimpses by Declan Henry

Declan Henry's Glimpses is a collection of 26 stories that tell the tale of disaffected youth today. Cover of Glimpses by Declan HenryMeet Chenai, who self harms as a result of being sexually abused; Scott whose father forces him to beg; Malena, the teenage mother; Yuan, who is motorbike mad; Todd who questions his sexual identity and many more characters who have to cope with growing up in an imperfect world.

These stories are about character, courage and brutality. They are about children who live their lives through disappointment, abuse and terror. Glimpses gives us a snapshot of the lives of young people discarded by family and friends and classed as social problems.

Please be aware that the nature of this subject matter makes it possible that some readers may find the language and situations distressing.

Declan's book is available to download in pdf format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this on your computer, please use our advice page.

Declan has submitted 5 new works in 2014.  They are also available to download in PDF format


About the author

Declan Henry is a registered social worker who has been working in the profession since 1993. He is a postgraduate of King’s College, London, where he became a Master of Science in mental health social work. He began his social work career doing voluntary work with Centrepoint in London, working with young, homeless people, many of whom suffered from drug, alcohol and mental health problems.

Declan also worked for four years at senior level in forensic mental health in London, working with mentally disordered offenders, many of whom had severe personality disorders and committed very significant crimes, including murder and serious sexual offences. More recently, he has worked in a custodial setting in Kent with persistent young offenders. The children he has worked with were considered to be among the most wayward and dangerously disturbed in the UK.

Declan is a prolific writer and has written several short stories and articles. He has also written his childhood autobiography, to be published in due course, and is currently working on his third book. He has also contributed to academic and research publications and has allowed some of his material to be used in writing workshops in Ireland.