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Full Circle children's poem

Poetry written by children at the Full Circle poetry reading at Gillingham library on 2 February 2008

Edited by Tina Lawlor.

In this dark forest it is very very dark and scary

woooooo I hear a ghost it floats very fast.

The trees waved and scared me. That was loud, I thought

my mum would run to the forest and grab me from the clutches

of the ghost. I went back and I got nicked. My mum was worried because it

was 10 o'clock. I got cold.

"Not yet", she yelled. What did she say? She said "Help" as the monster grabbed her,

She yelled so loud I swore she would go deaf. And I ran away, otherwise the monster

will get us, running away was even worse, so he ran after me until I was out of breath.

I thought I was going to die but I got home in time.

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