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Jamie Horncastle's short stories

Jamie Horncastle is 26 years old and has lived in Chatham for most of his life. He would like to call himself a footballer but he is nowhere near good enough. Nor is he good enough to be a professional poker player or funny enough to be a comedian. This is why he loves writing and has done since he was eight years old – anyone can do it, even if they do it badly - and whether your story is good or terrible, it will still ignite the same proud satisfaction in the author and even a bad story can be enjoyed or loved by the reader.

Although Jamie was writing stories from a very early age, it was not until he was 12 that he began to do it seriously, when he read his first Stephen King novel. Horror was his main influence over the next few years and although his writing style has changed drastically over the last few years, his roots in horror are still evident in much of his writing. He began his first novel when he was 14 (which he finished when he was 16), his second novel when he was 17 and started working on his third when he was 18. He has been buoyed by recent success – he came second in Writers’ Forum magazine’s monthly competition in October 2007 and is still unsure whether he preferred seeing his story in print or cashing the £100 cheque. He hopes, more than anything, that anyone who happens to read his stories finds at least a tenth of the enjoyment in reading them as he has in writing them.

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