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Poems by Katie Phillips


All the people stare at me
Waiting for the sound
I just look and gawp at them
My heart begins to pound
I clear my throat a little
And open my mouth with care
I then remember what I was doing
This really was not fair
A noise came out of my mouth
A noise that I was shocked at
I flushed a deep red quickly
People shuffled as they sat
I rushed off the stage
Leaving people puzzled
I found a corner to hide in
My mind was in a fuzzle.

The Winter's Tale

The winter's tale is something
One thing I will never forget
About love, happiness, betrayal
A heart that will always regret.
Some people may think
That winter is something bad
But if you look deeply enough
In fact it isn't sad.
The robins sing merrily
This makes your heart glow
As they settle on frosted branches
And sway to and fro.
When night fall comes
All the animals arrive
No one else is there
Like nobody's alive
Sparkle fills the air
The ground cold white
The birds all around me
Prepare for their flight.
Getting ready to start
I hope you enjoyed act one
So sit back and enjoy
The songs, the music, the fun!