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Hostile Moon by Stephen Hannington

About the story

Forced to abandon ship, crew-member Cosmo Strange of the starclipper Solaris finds herself stranded on a desert planet with a mysterious secret message to deliver to another world 60 light years away.

Discovering that the Solaris has been destroyed and that she is the only survivor, she is convinced that the message will reveal the truth about what happened to her ship and who - or what - was responsible.

Struggling to survive, held to ransom and ultimately captured by those she believes killed her crew, she finds herself tangled up in a far greater threat to the peace of the entire galaxy, involving a mysterious AI in the gallactic Hypernet, alien gunships and a sinister cabal of political activists.

Against these odds, and with help from unlikely allies - a talking ball and a smuggler gang - she fights to expose the truth, win justice for the Solaris, and prevent the galaxy from sliding into war.

About Stephen Hannington

This is Stephen's first novel. He has written a number of short stories in the science fiction/fantasy genres, one of which was converted into a one-act play produced by a local drama group. Stephen has been a journalist for about 20 years, writing features, news stories and editing trade press magazines covering electronics and communications developments, including the rise of the internet.

Hostile Moon by Stephen Hannington (pdf 2,121KB)

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