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Poems by Yvonne Lane

A selection of poems by Yvonne Lane

The Old Gunwharf, Chatham and other poems (pdf 120KB).

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Just One Thing More

Scatter me here where the Medway is wide,
Where the grey gulls call and the white swans glide.
I will drift out to sea on an outgoing tide,
On a day in the sun when the last tear has dried.

Where the salt breezes whisper and fresh winds blow,
Waft me and rock me in waters below.
A freedom I'll find here, a place I will know,
And birdsong I'll hear where the sea-grasses grow.

Let the warmth of the sun draw me up to a cloud,
Away from all sadness, away from the shroud,
Away from the bustle, away from the crowd,
Where no man is greedy, or spiteful or proud.

Here I'll drift over mountains that stretch to the sky,
Gaze down on green valleys, or deserts so dry
Where children are thirsty, and animals die.
As a life-giving rain I will fall, bye and bye.

And don't say "farewell", for I'll still come and go,
Maybe as rain or a soft falling snow.
A light summer mist or a spreading rainbow,
Are my way of showing "I still love you so".

Yvonne Lane (This poem was read at a scattering of the ashes in the River Medway for my friend's husband who had been a Royal Marine at Chatham).

About my writing: Yvonne Lane

"The poem about the Gun Wharf was written because I had so many times leant over the railings by the river to feed the swans and was always distressed at the amount of rubbish thrown into the mud below. It was so different when the tide was in, I never felt the views were appreciated by passers-by and wanted to tell everyone how lucky they were to have all this on their doorstep.

"As soon as I knew how to write, I wrote. I wish I had retained my writings but of course, I didn't bother. My big writing spurt was very therapeutic when I found I could pour things out in poetry that I couldn't say otherwise and this helped me through a very bad time when my mother died. I have kept those poems but they are very personal and probably wouldn't make sense to anyone else. Most of my poetry has been written for my family or friends, to give them a good laugh after an occasion e.g. a hip replacement, a wedding or just some funny experience that has given me inspiration. I'm afraid I can't just sit down and write, there has to be something, often emotional, that gets me going."