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LGBTIQ family

The LGBTIQ family collection includes books about parenting, and fiction books for children. The books are listed alphabetically by author surname.

These lists are not comprehensive so please search the catalogue to find out what other titles we have in stock. If you would like to recommend titles or authors to us, please fill in a comments card or send an email to chatham.library@medway.gov.uk. We can’t promise to buy all suggested titles but will give them consideration.

If you would like your own copy of this list, please download LGBTQ Family (144KB). To use this file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it on your computer, please use our advice page.


Clunis, D. Merilee, Green, G. Dorsey - The Lesbian Parenting Book : A Guide to Creating Families and Raising Children

Written by two lesbian therapists and parents, this new edition has been updated to reflect the contemporary cultural and political landscape, as well as cultural trends in parenting. New material includes information on circumcision, internet safety, and legal-hoops for non-custodial parents.

LaSala, Michael C. - Coming out, coming home : helping families adjust to a gay or lesbian child

Through a qualitative, multicultural study of 65 gay and lesbian children and their parents, this book outlines practice-based interventions for transition and reveals how results can often be surprising, such as an improvement in familial relationships, even if a parent reacts negatively to the revelation.

Lev, Arlene Isar - The Complete Lesbian and Gay Parenting Guide

A comprehensive and practical handbook for gay, lesbian, and alternative lifestyle parents shares sensible advice and personal real-life stories about the challenges of 21st-century family life, covering such topics as solo parenting, blended families, surrogacy, adoption and foster parenting, and legal rights.

Sember, Brette McWhorter - Gay and Lesbian Parenting Choices: From Adopting or Using a Surrogate or Choosing the Perfect Father

Creating a family is one of the greatest joys a couple can have, but gay and lesbian couples face unique challenges when they wish to become parents together. Gay and Lesbian Parenting Choices provides a complete explanation of the many ways gay or lesbian couples can create a family and the legal hoops they must jump through as part of the process. Written by an attorney in an-easy-to-understand style, this guide provides a comprehensive look at the options available to gay couples and offers advice and information on how best to proceed.

Stonewall - Pregnant pause: A Guide for Lesbians on How to get Pregnant

Following historic changes in the new Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act the guide helps gay women understand the legal framework in an accessible way and tells them everything they need to know about conceiving.

Webb-Mitchell, Brett - On Being a Gay Parent : Making a Future Together

This practical, down-to-earth guide on being a gay Christian parent is filled with interesting stories, simple anecdotes, creative ideas, and thoughtful reflections; and will raise some red flags over the important issues facing gay- and lesbian-headed households.

Fiction - Children 

Argant, Heidi - Josh and Jaz have three mums

This illustrated book for children aged five to eight helps to explain the diversity and 'difference' of family groups, and encourages an understanding and appreciation of same sex parents.

De Haan,Linda & Nijland, Stern - King and King

The queen decrees that it's time for the prince to marry. But will the prince be charmed by the many princesses from far and wide or will he follow his heart?

Gruska, Denise - The Only Boy in Ballet Class

Tucker loves ballet, even though some people don't understand his passion for dancing. Taunted by the boys on the football field, tortured by dorky twin sisters, and teased by his uncle Frank, Tucker doesn't know how to help people see how ballet makes him feel, until one day he gets the chance to prove just what ballet can do.

Griffiths, Joe and Pilgrim, Tony ; illustrated by Lucy Pearce - Picnic in the Park

This is a charming picture book for young children which shows that families come in all shapes and sizes.

Kilodavis, Cheryl ; illustrated by Suzanne DeSimone - My Princess Boy

A heart-warming true story of love and acceptance. A nonfiction picture book about acceptance. With words and illustrations even the youngest of children can understand, My Princess Boy tells the tale of a four-year-old boy who happily expresses his authentic self by dressing up in dresses, and enjoying traditional girl things such as jewellery and anything pink or sparkly. The book is from a mom's point of view, sharing both good and bad observations and experiences with friends and family, at school and in shopping stores.

Merchant, Ed - Dad David, Baba Chris and me

Ben was adopted by his gay parents - Dad David & Baba Chris - when he was four years old, & they live happily together in an ordinary house, on an ordinary street & do ordinary things. When Ben starts junior school his ordinary life is turned upside down. Some children begin to tease Ben because he lives with two dads.

Newman, Leslea - Donovan's Big Day

Donovan's two moms are getting married, and he can't wait for the celebration to begin. After all, as ringbearer, he has a very important job to do. Any boy or girl with same-sex parents will appreciate this picture book about love, family, and marriage.

Newman, Leslea & Thompson, Carol - Mommy, Mama and Me

Rhythmic text and illustrations with universal appeal show a toddler spending the day with its mommies. From hide-and-seek to dress-up, then bath time and a kiss goodnight, there's no limit to what a loving family can do together.

Newman, Leslea & Thompson, Carol - Daddy, Papa and Me

Rhythmic text and illustrations with universal appeal show a toddler spending the day with its daddies. From hide-and-seek to dress-up, then bath time and a kiss goodnight, there's no limit to what a loving family can do together.

Newman, Leslea - The boy who cried fabulous

A young boy's fascination with everything he sees around him causes him to be late and upsets his parents, until they come to realise his special gift

Sachar, Louis - Marvin Redpost: Is he a Girl?

Marvin Redpost has a dilemma. It begins one sleepless night when, twisting and turning in bed, his legs and arms get caught up then - smack! He lands a kiss on his elbow. Now he really can't sleep. His voice starts to change, he longs to have pigtails and he even dots his "i"s with a heart in class! What has happened to Marvin and will he ever be the same again?

Setterington, Ken, Priestley, Alice - Mom and Mum are getting married

When one of Rosie's two mothers announced 'Your Mum and I are getting married!' they can't wait to start planning the big day. Rosie has so many questions. Will she be a flower girl? Can she get a new dress? At this party, family, friends, and fun come together for a joyous celebration of love in a changing world.

Valentine, Johnny - The Duke who outlawed Jelly Beans and other stories

After he outlawed jelly beans, the duke decides to make sure that all children have exactly one mother and one father - if they don't, then they get thrown into the dungeon. This book also contains four other original fairy stories, depicting children with gay and lesbian parents.

Walliams, David - The Boy in the Dress

The debut children's novel from David Walliams, co-creator and co-star of the multi-award-winning Little Britain. It is a timeless and hilarious fable about what happens when an ordinary boy does something extraordinary - and the way that people, even the petty and cruel, can surprise you in the end. Illustrated by Quentin Blake.

Wilson, Anna - Want Toast

Although young Ruth loves waking at the first hint of daylight, her parents don't feel the same way. Soon she not only ignores their pleas but also sees that there's more to do and lots to learn. Finally, she plans a wonderful future.