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LGBTQ fiction

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LGBTQ fiction - for adults

Adderson, Caroline - A History of Forgetting

Malcolm - an ageing hairdresser is rapidly falling out of love with his Alzheimer's-victim partner. Alison his colleague is blithely innocent. Both are in their own way blind, until a murder unites them on an emotional journey.

Alderman, Naomi - Disobedience

An insightful take on the search for love, tolerance and faith in a tightly-knit Jewish community in London, Disobedience follows the story of Ronit, who is returning to the capital on the occasion of the funeral of her estranged father.

Alderson, Maggie - Mad About the Boy

A year after Antonia and her husband Hugh move to Australia Hugo confesses that he has a boyfriend. Nothing can lift Antonia out of her depression until the arrival of Hugo's lavender-haired uncle, who sends her to the gym. There she meets the mysterious James.

Arnott, Jake - The Long Firm

Terry's chance meeting with 1960s gangster Harry Starks in a London nightclub changes his life.

Bainbridge, Beryl - Harriet Said

Two schoolgirls spend their holidays in a rundown Northern resort. The younger one develops a morbid interest in an unhappily married, middle-aged man. She and her friend Harriet begin a plot to humiliate him. But their fantasy merges into reality, with shocking and unexpected results.

Baldwin, James - Another Country

Another Country tells the story of the suicide of jazz-musician Rufus Scott and the friends who search for an understanding of his life and death, discovering uncomfortable truths about themselves along the way.

Barker, Pat - The Eye in the Door

It is 1918, and Prior is in London working as an intelligence officer. His concern is the enemy within, though a clear definition of who exactly the enemy is proves harder to come by than he might have imagined.

Black, Ronica - In Too Deep

Homicide detective Erin McKenzie lands the case of her career when she is chosen to investigate murder suspect Elizabeth Adams. Adams is not only an accomplished seductress but also a lesbian. Erin, straight and married, needs a crash course in more than just undercover detecting when she meets Elizabeth.

Brown, Laurinda - Walk Like a Man

Laurinda Brown's characters explore every aspect of black lesbian life - whether it's first times, illicit trysts, cheating hearts or long-time love.

Burroughs, William S. - Naked lunch

Provocative, influential, morbidly fascinating, Naked Lunch is an apocalyptic ride through the darker recesses of the human psyche.

Carson, Michael - Sucking Sherbet Lemons

Sucking Sherbet Lemons recounts the coming out experience of a gay man at a time when homosexual acts were illegal.

Carson, Michael - Benson at Sixty

The long-awaited sequel to Sucking Sherbet Lemons. With memories and a stern partner, Ted, Benson makes it home to Merseyside. After a life spent in the shallows, he has come to the point when he must face reality and proceed, guided by Ted and his mates in QA (Queer Alcoholics), into life's deep-end.

Cunningham, Michael - The Hours

The Hours is the story of Richard, a famous poet whose life has been shadowed by his talented and troubled mother. His friend Clarissa, who strives to achieve a balanced life, also figures prominently in this story set during the Second World War.

Curlovich, John Michael - Triptych of Terror

Just in time for Halloween, here are three spooky tales penned especially for the gay market.

Duffy, Stella - Singling Out the Couples

A princess, perfect in every way except one, arrives in London from a land of milk and honey, and sets up home in a Notting Hill tower block. Her self-appointed mission - to break up couples in love. For what she lacks is a heart. With gleeful dedication, she sets about seducing a husband-to-be, prizing apart two devoted gay men, and ensnaring a contentedly married woman. But things start to go wrong.

Duffy, Stella - Beneath the Blonde

Siobhan Forrester, lead singer of Beneath the Blonde, has everything a girl could want: stunning body, great voice, brilliant career, loving boyfriend. But now she has a stalker too, so she hires Saz Martin for protection.

Duffy, Stella - Calendar Girl

Maggie has fallen for a mysterious woman who can't commit herself. Meanwhile, Saz is on the trail of a woman who commutes in a whirlwind of drug smuggling, gambling and prostitution. A murder brings Saz and Maggie and their mysteries together.

Duffy, Stella - Mouths of Babes

Getting over the shock of the late nights and early mornings, Saz Martin and her partner Molly are settling into life with their new daughter Matilda. But when a well-known stranger turns up on their doorstep, Saz is forced to face her past, confronting people and events she had long ago hoped to forget.

Estévez, Abilio - Distant Palaces

Abilio Estevez conjures up the melancholy beauty of contemporary Havana in this story about a trio of misfits. Victorio quits his job after he is evicted and becomes a vagrant. Salam, a young prostitute, befriends him and they move into a ruined theatre with eccentric musician Don Fuco.

Eugenides, Jeffrey - Middlesex

To understand why Calliope is not like other girls, she has to uncover a guilty family secret, and the astonishing genetic history that turns Callie into Cal, one of the most audacious and wondrous narrators in contemporary fiction. Lyrical and thrilling, Middlesex is an exhilarating reinvention of the American epic.

Farrell, M.J. - Devoted Ladies

Jessica and Jane are devoted friends - or are they? Jessica loves her friend with the cruelty of total possessiveness. Jane is rich and silly and drinks too many brandies. The battle for Jane's devotion begins when an Irish gentleman arrives.

Gale, Patrick - The Facts of Life

Spanning three generations, this novel is imbued with comedy and tragedy. Set in London and the Fens it focuses on family life and the effect of AIDS. It is written by a gay writer with mainstream appeal who also writes regularly for Marie Claire.

Gale, Patrick - Aerodynamics of Pork

Two love stories entwine in the space of one heady summer week in this poignantly witty novel from the author of The Facts of Life.

Gale, Patrick - Little Bits of Baby

A young man escapes modern life to live in a monastery, possibly because his childhood playmate and a mutual friend decide to marry. Eight years later he returns to the London of the 1980s and finds that much has changed.

Genet, Jean - Funeral Rites

Translated by Bernard Frechtman. Genet's sensual and brutal portrait of World War II unfolds between the poles of his grief for his lover Jean, killed in the Resistance during the liberation of Paris, and his perverse attraction to the collaborator Riton. Elegiac, macabre, chimerical, Funeral Rites is a dark meditation on the mirror images of love and hate, sex and death.

Hall, Radclyffe - The Well of Loneliness

Based on her own life, The Well of Loneliness tells the story of Sir Philip and Lady Gordon and their daughter. It becomes apparent that she is not like other girls, and falls in love with another woman. The book was banned under the Obscene Publications Act.

Hansen, Joseph - The Man Everyone was Afraid of

From the author of Country of Old Men, Hansen brings back Dave Brandstetter investigating the murder of police chief Ben Orton. The police have arrested gay activist Cliff Kerlee, he'd already threatened Orton's life at a heated demo.

Harris, Charlaine - True Blood Omnibus

Sookie is an unassuming cocktail waitress in an (outwardly) unremarkable town. Attractive as she is, her hidden 'talents' send men running - her mind reading skills are just a bit threatening. When the unreadable Bill appears, he seems to be the man of her dreams. Except he's not technically human.

Hoag, Tami - Dust to Dust

The death of internal affairs investigator Andy Fallon is a potential political bomb for the Minneapolis Police Department. Andy Fallon was gay, and he was investigating a possible cop connection in the brutal murder of another gay officer. But Andy's death looks like suicide - or an unfortunate and embarrassing accident: death by auto-erotic misadventure - and the pressure is on from the top brass to close the case as soon as possible. But Andy Fallon's ex-lover doesn't believe Andy died by his own hand - accidentally or otherwise. He believes Andy's death is tied to his work, and he presses lead detective Sam Kovac to find another answer - one that won't be popular with anyone.

Isherwood, Christopher - A Meeting by the River

Isherwood’s final novel, bringing together his thoughts on gay identity and Eastern mysticism. Two English brothers meet, after a long separation, in India. Oliver, the idealistic younger brother, prepares to take his final vows as a Hindu monk. Patrick, a successful publisher with a wife and children in London and a male lover in California, has publicly admired his brother’s convictions while privately criticizing his choices.

Isherwood, Christopher - A Single Man

Set in Southern California during 1962, it depicts one day in the life of George, a middle-aged, gay Englishman who is a professor at a Los Angeles university. Claimed by many as Isherwood's masterpiece.

Isherwood, Christopher - Down There on a Visit

This novel is a bemused, sometimes acid portrait of people caught in private sexual hells of their own making. Its four episodes are connected by four narrators. All are called "Christopher Isherwood, " but each is a different character inhabiting a new setting: Berlin in 1928, the Greek Isles in 1933, London in 1938, and California in 1940. Down There on a Visit is a major work that shows Isherwood at the height of his literary powers.

Isherwood, Christopher - Goodbye to Berlin

Christopher Isherwood is the narrator of Goodbye to Berlin. His story evokes the gathering storm in Berlin before and just after the rise to power of the Nazis, as seen through the eyes of a series of individuals.

Isherwood, Christopher - Mr. Norris Changes Trains: a Novel

After a chance encounter on a train the English teacher William Bradshaw starts a close friendship with the mildly sinister Arthur Norris. Norris is a man of contradictions; lavish but heavily in debt, excessively polite but sexually deviant. First published in 1933 Mr Norris Changes Trains piquantly evokes the atmosphere of Berlin during the rise of the Nazis.

Jansson, Tove - Fair Play: a Novel

Translated from the Swedish by Thomas Teal; introduced by Ali Smith. Fair Play portrays a love between two older women, a writer and artist, as they work side-by-side in their Helsinki studios, travel together and share summers on a remote island.

Kay, Jackie - Trumpet

Joss Moody has died and the jazz world is in mourning. But in death, Joss can no longer guard the secret he kept all his life, and Colman, his son, must confront the truth: the man he believed to be his father was, in fact, a woman.

Keenan, Joe - Blue Heaven

Set in New York, this novel revolves around four characters, all either unemployed or barely employed. The calamities begin when Gilbert, who is gay, and Moira, an arch bitch, devise a brilliant plan to swindle their families - by getting married.

Kemp, Jonathan - London Triptych

Three men, three lives and three eras sinuously entwine in a dark, startling and unsettling narrative of sex, exploitation and dependence set against London's strangely constant gay underworld.

Leavitt, David - The Page Turner

Paul Porter's dreams of becoming a concert pianist are encouraged when he acts as page-turner at a recital given by the brilliant, temperamental Richard Kennington. Months later, Paul and Richard meet again, and begin an intense affair.

Leavitt, David - The New Penguin Book of Gay Short Stories

The diversity - and unity - of gay love and experience in the 20th century is celebrated in this acclaimed anthology, which includes 21 stories from the first edition, together with 15 additional tales. Edited by David Leavitt and Mark Mitchell; introduction by David Leavitt.

Lieber, Julia - The Blue Scorpion

Who was Natalie Wolf? Hired by Natalie's husband, Abel, to find his missing wife, Loy Lombard learns quickly the pitfalls of finding a missing person whose identity keeps changing. But when Natalie's body is discovered on Abel's farm this is just the beginning.

Maupin, Armisted - Tales of the City

San Francisco, 1976. A naïve young secretary, fresh out of Cleveland, tumbles headlong into a brave new world of Laundromat Lotharios, pot-growing landladies, cut throat debutantes, and Jockey Shorts dance contests. The saga that ensues is manic, romantic, tawdry, touching, and outrageous - unmistakably the handiwork of Armistead Maupin.

McCullers, Carson - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Set in a small town in the American South, it is the story of a group of people who have little in common except that they are all hopelessly lonely. A young girl, a drunken socialist and a black doctor are drawn to a gentle, sympathetic deaf mute, whose presence changes their lives. This powerful exploration of alienation is both moving and perceptive.

McDermid, V.L - Report for Murder

Report for Murder was the first British lesbian mystery, in which Lindsay Gordon, left-wing lesbian tabloid journalist, investigates the murder of a public school pupil at a gala fundraising concert.

McDermid, Val - Union Jack

When Lindsay Gordon returns to the UK to do research into the role of women in the trades union movement she has little clue that she will become a murder suspect after a 'friend' falls from her 10th floor window.

Orton, Joe - Head to Toe

When Gombald Proval strays on to the head of a giant, it's the start of a journey through a nightmare world. He is caught in a gender-bending love affair, thrown in jail, and enlisted in a war between the Left Buttock and Right Buttock dwellers. Will Gombald escape these myriad perils? Drawings by Patrick Procktor and Interphot

Outland, Orlando - A Serious Person

Songwriter Adam Bede is facing the odds. His star client deserts him for a new writing sensation, Sam Sparks, who turns out to have designs on Adam's boyfriend Lyle. Suddenly Adam's whole world is upside down. It seems salvation lies in winning a new reality TV contest. A bad idea, or what?

Picano, Felice - Book of Lies

Ross Ohrenstedt is overseeing the collection of the works of Damon Von Slyke, a prominent gay man of letters. His discovery of a lost work by an 'unknown' author and his struggle to identify the man, paints a vibrant portrait of gay history.

Picano, Felice - Like People in History

Like People in History is a gay American epic novel of panoramic sweep, lively characterisation and compelling storyline. Second cousins Roger Sansarc and Alistair Dodge both love Matt, a handsome model, poet and decorated Vietnam vet.

Proulx, Annie - Brokeback Mountain

This story is set in the beautiful, wild landscape of Wyoming where cowboys live much as they have done for generations: hard, lonely lives in unforgiving country.

Proust, Marcel - In Search of Lost Time

At the centre of this classic work is the narrator Marcel. He wants to be a writer, but finds that he cannot sit down and write because he is unable to recapture the Time-Memory of his life.

Scott, Manda - Hen's Teeth

Set in Glasgow, Hen's Teeth has an intricate plot revolving around genetic engineering and veterinary science. Dr Kellen Stewart and her friend Lee set out to discover the truth, but how safe is their quest?

Self, Will - Dorian

It is 1981 and the "Royal Broodmare", as Henry Wotton calls her, is about to be married. Wotton, an uneasy homosexual and an egregious drug-addict, and his friend Baz have found a remarkable young man Dorian Gray, the epitome of male beauty. Sixteen years later and the Princess is dead. As the stock market soars and their T-cell counts plummet, what has happened to Henry and Baz? And how does Dorian remain so youthful?

Selvadurai, Shyam - Funny Boy

Arjie is an oddity in his large family, he prefers dressing as a girl to playing cricket with his brother. This book follows the life of the family through Arjie's eyes, as he accepts his homosexuality and comes to terms with the racism of society.

Shaw, Fiona - Tell it to the Bees

Lydia Weekes is distraught at the break-up of her marriage. When her young son Charlie makes friends with the town's doctor, Jean Markham, her life is turned upside down. As Lydia and the doctor become closer, the rumours start to fly and threaten to shatter Charlie's world.

Sheridan, Alan - Time and Place

Mark Sheridan recounts his years with a travelling theatre company, and his turbulent love affair with Esmond, a young actor. Interwoven are flashbacks to his chaotic earlier life and a pre-war world long vanished.

Spanbauer, Tom - In the City of Shy Hunters

William Parker moves from a small town in the mid-West to Manhattan, desperate to escape the provincialism he has endured. Once in New York, however, he is surrounded by people who understand and accept his quirks, and he soon falls in love.

Toibin, Colm - The Story of the Night

Richard Garay lives alone with his mother, hiding his sexuality from her and from those around him. Stifled by a job he despises, he finds himself willing to take considerable risks. Set in Argentina in a time of great change, The Story of the Night is a powerful and moving novel about a man who, as the Falklands War is fought and lost, finds his own way to emerge into the world.

Tondelli, Pier Vittorio - Separate Rooms

Leo is an Italian writer in his thirties. Thomas, his former lover, is dead. This is a story of ideal love, broken by absence and separation. When Thomas was alive, he and Leo had separate rooms in order to preserve the urgency of their passion. Now, Leo faces solitude and the hostility of a prejudiced world. Translated by Simon Pleasance.

Trollope, Joanna - A Village Affair

A lesbian affair scandalizes the inhabitants of a contemporary rural English village in this novel by the author of The Choir. It tells not only of the complications of a lesbian attachment, but also of the peculiarity of convention and the modern attitudes of a rural community.

Vidal, Gore - The City and the Pillar

A literary cause célèbre when first published more than 50 years ago, Gore Vidal’s now-classic The City and the Pillar stands as a landmark novel of the gay experience. Jim, a handsome, all-American athlete, has always been shy around girls. But when he and his best friend, Bob, partake in “awful kid stuff,” the experience forms Jim’s ideal of spiritual completion. Defying his parents’ expectations, Jim strikes out on his own, hoping to find Bob and rekindle their amorous friendship. Along the way he struggles with what he feels is his unique bond with Bob and with his persistent attraction to other men. Upon finally encountering Bob years later, the force of his hopes for a life together leads to a devastating climax. The first novel of its kind to appear on the American literary landscape, The City and the Pillar remains a forthright and uncompromising portrayal of sexual relationships between men.

Waters, Sarah - Affinity

Margaret Prior is a prison visitor in the 1870s. Set in and around Milbank, one of London's most notorious gaols for women, the story is both a both a ghost story and an intriguing literary mystery tale.

Waters, Sarah - Fingersmith

Set in 1860s London, this is the story of Susan, a pickpocket who is persuaded to pose as a lady's maid and infiltrate the house of a young heiress. This novel explores the nature of identity and what people do with disguise.

Waters, Sarah - The Night Watch

Set in 1940s London, this story follows four characters - Kay, Helen, Viv and Duncan - as they deal with their everyday lives, set against the backdrop of the Second World War.

Waters, Sarah - Tipping the Velvet

This is a wonderfully lush, sensuous and bawdy novel set in the music halls of the late 19th century. Nan gets to meet her heroine, Kitty, a male impersonator. The two begin a double act, and their affection for each other deepens.

Waugh, Evelyn - Brideshead Revisited

Written at the end of the Second World War, this novel mourns the passing of the aristocratic world which Waugh knew in his youth and recalls the sensuous pleasures denied him by the austerities of war. In so doing, it provides a study of the conflict between the demands of religion and of the flesh.

White, Edmund - A Boy's Own Story

Originally published in 1982 as the first of Edmund White's trilogy of autobiographical novels, A Boy's Own Story became an instant classic for its pioneering portrayal of homosexuality. The book's unnamed narrator, growing up during the 1950s, is beset by aloof parents, a cruel sister, and relentless mocking from his peers, compelling him to seek out works of art and literature as solace-and to uncover new relationships in the struggle to embrace his own sexuality. Lyrical and poignant, with powerful evocations of shame and yearning, this is an American literary treasure.

White, Edmund - Chaos

In this collection which features Chaos, a novella, and short stories, Edmund White explores different aspects of ageing, romance and sex with an unsparing look at gay midlife.

White, Edmund - The Married Man

Austin catches the eye of Julien, a young French architect with a gleam in his eye. Life suddenly becomes a round of suppers and glittering salons. But the sadness in Julien's past will lead them around the world in a quest for health and happiness.

White, Patrick - The Twyborn Affair

Eddie is bisexual and beautiful, the son of a judge and a drunken mother. With this androgynous hero and through his search for identity, self-affirmation and love, this novel takes us on a journey into the human condition.

Williams, T.J - 5 minutes and 42 seconds

Fashad, a drug dealer and secret bisexual, is confronted by a host of enemies - including Smokey, one of his aides and a would-be rapper seduced by Fashad as a teenager; Fashad's wife Cameshia, who is convinced her husband is unfaithful; and his resentful stepdaughter - all of whom are willing to do anything to bring him down.

Winterson, Jeanette - Art and Lies: A piece for three voices and a bawd

The book is set in an imagined future where the State has almost total control and where individual values count for nothing. The action takes place in a single day as the three travel towards the coast by train. Narratives that are separate gradually come together until by the end of the book, all three destinies have combined.

Winterson, Jeanette - Gut Symmetries

One starry night on a boat in the mid-Atlantic, Alice, a brilliant English theoretical physicist, begins an affair with Jove, her remorselessly seductive American counterpart. But Jove is married. When Alice confronts his wife, Stella, she swiftly falls in love with her, with consequences that are by turns horrifying, comic, and arousing. Vaulting from Liverpool to New York, from alchemy to string theory, and from the spirit to the flesh, Gut Symmetries is a thrillingly original novel by England's most flamboyantly gifted young writer.

Winterson, Jeanette - Oranges are Not the Only Fruit

This is the story of Jeanette, adopted and brought up by her mother as one of God's elect. Zealous and passionate, she seems seems destined for life as a missionary, but then she falls for one of her converts. At 16, Jeanette decides to leave the church, her home and her family, for the young woman she loves. Innovative, punchy and tender, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit is a few days ride into the bizarre outposts of religious excess and human obsession.

Winterson, Jeanette - The Passion

Henri had a passion for Napoleon and Napoleon had a passion for chicken. From Boulogne to Moscow Henri butchered for his Emperor and never killed a single man. Meanwhile, in Venice, the city of chance and disguises, Villanelle was born with the webbed feet of her boatman father - but in the casinos she gambled her heart and lost. As the soldier-chef's love for Napoleon turns to hate he finds the Venetian beauty, and together they flee to the canals of darkness.

Winterson, Jeanette - The Powerbook

Alix, a 21st-century e-writer, will write to order anything you like, provided that you are prepared to enter the story as yourself and take the risk of leaving it as someone else. However, there is a price, which Alix too must pay.

Woolf, Virginia - Orlando

Orlando has always been an outsider. His longing for passion, adventure and fulfilment takes him out of his own time. Chasing a dream through the centuries, he bounds from Elizabethan England and imperial Turkey to the modern world. Will he find happiness with the exotic Russian Princess Sasha? Or is the dashing explorer Shelmerdine the ideal man? And what form will Orlando take on the journey - a nobleman, traveller, writer? Man or woman?

X, Sulayman - Adventures of a Bird-Shit Foreigner

Isa is the product of a GI from Kansas City and a prostitute mother, and Thai society can be cruel to those not of pure breeding. Tossed out by his family, the struggling gay teenager learns to live on the street with a local gang before ultimately finding refuge with a local clergyman and his family.