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Service analysis

Medway Libraries has analysed the impact of its events programme using Generic Social Outcomes (GSOs).  The following reports are the results of this research demonstrating the impact of Medway Libraries on the quality of life in Medway. The reports show how Medway Libraries has improved lives across a diverse range of people and is truly a resource at the heart of the community.

What are Generic Social Outcomes – GSOs – and why do we use them?

Generic Social Outcomes help us to measure and provide evidence of the wider benefits of our services. Setting outcomes is at the heart of service planning and improvement.
Gaining information from our service users helps us to analyse how we are supporting them and indicates the wider impact on our communities. They help us to:

  • Plan projects
  • Set objectives and assess delivery against them 
  • Develop best practice 
  • Fit with the focus on shared outcomes for local people measured by comprehensive area assessments  
  • Develop reflective practitioners 
  • Encourage partnership working through shared priorities 


To download these pdfs you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it on your computer, please use our advice page.