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Medway's Athletes

Medway Sporting Academy

Girls from the Medway Sporting AcademyThe Medway Sporting Academy is a pioneering programme to help develop young athletes who show sporting potential.

Successful athletes selected during the annual summer trials enter the Sporting Academy where they benefit from coaching sessions that complement their sport-specific training with their clubs.

The academy is delivered in three stages, with stage 1 being the entry point and stage three being for athletes who are on a recognised NGB pathway.

The coaching team represent a range of sports and have experience of developing athletes to national and international level.

They focus on three core multi-skills areas:

  • movement skills including agility, balance co-ordination, jumping, receiving, sending, striking and travelling
  • sports skills including athletics, creative movement, invasion games, net and wall games, striking and fielding games

As athletes progress through the academy and succeed in their chosen sports they are able to benefit from sport science workshops led by the University of Kent. The workshops cover nutrition, sports psychology, injury prevention and performance planning and help the young athletes develop the skills and knowledge.

Parents are also invited to attend a parental behaviour workshops, where they can learn how best support and influence their children to reach their sporting potential.

The Medway Sporting Academy has a number of notable alumni, including international modern pentathletes, football and rugby players, national swimmers, runners, triathletes, squash players and rugby league players.

The Athlete Programme has supported Medway World Cup winner Rachael Burford and Paralympic gold medallist Rachael Burford - World Cup WinnerCharlotte Evans.

For more information on Medway's athlete programme and to discuss how it can help an athlete you know, phone Mark Roughsedge on 01634 336673, or email mark.roughsedge@medway.gov.uk.