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On Your Mark ... Fitness Classes

On Your Marks programme logoOn Your Marks... Fitness Classes are designed to break down barriers of feeling new, worried how good everyone else may be or fancy a low impact class.

 Fitness class at HooWe recommend you attend theses classes for at least 12 weeks before moving onto higher impact classes or reassess with the instructor or your doctor and remain if the class is suitable.

Instructors are on hand to answer any questions or advice on your choice of sessions or classes.

Get involved today..............

You do not need to be a member as all On Your Marks classes are just £3 (45 minutes) but if you are they should be part of your membership package.


Download Sports Centre fitness class timetables: Hoo aqua aerobics

Medway Park (pdf 263kb)

Strood Sports Centre (pdf 297kb)

Hoo Sports Centre (pdf 368kb)

Splashes (pdf 348kb)


To find out more about this programme and getting into exercise and sport please contact medwaysport@medway.gov.uk