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Splashes Leisure Pool prices

Activity Price

Adult swim

Adult swim special sessions £4.80
Child swim £4.80
Child swim special sessions £3.80
Senior citizen swim £4.80
Senior citizens special sessions £3.80
Disabled adult swim £4.80
Disabled adult swim special sessions


Under fives £1.40
Under threes Free
Spectators £2.00

Inflatable fun session             




Fins Club annual member £12.50
Fins Club member fee £3.50
Swimming lessons (child, per lesson) £6.95
Swimming lessons (adult, per lesson) £6.95
Swimming lesson (OAP, per lesson) £6.95
Fitness classes £6.20


Swimming membership

Swimming membership entitles you to swim as many times as you like for just £17.90 a month (payable by direct debit). Membership is for a minimum period of 12 months and is on an individual basis only.

Just join up and have unlimited swimming at any of these pools: