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Horrid Hill Walk

The walk is along the shore at Riverside Country Park and takes approximately 45 minutes. This map shows how to get to the Park.

Map of the Horrid Hill walk


Leave the Visitor Centre, cross the car park and take the path to the sea wall. At this point, turn left and follow the path which leads over the causeway.

Walk along the causeway out to Horrid Hill.

Continue along this path until you reach the point. Return by the same route until you reach the landward end of the causeway, then bear right. This path will return you to the Visitor Centre.

Points of interest along the way

1 - The Medway Estuary

An important area for man since early times, as the evidence of settlements proves. The Romans made salt and pottery here and for 400 years, naval warships were built and laid up here. The area is also important for wildlife and is part of a complex of wetlands around the Thames that is one of the five best in Europe for wintering birds.

2 - The causeway

Horrid Hill was an island until a causeway was built to allow a small horse-drawn railway to carry wagonloads of chalk, quarried from Twydall chalk pit, to the cement works there.

3 - Horrid Hill

We know that warship hulks containing French prisoners of war were moored here during the Napoleonic Wars. If you reach point 3 on the map at low tide, you can see the natural process of erosion, with the mud on the left being washed away but on the right being built up enough to allow plants to grow.

4 - Nor Marsh and beyond

From the end of Horrid Hill there is a panoramic view of the Medway Estuary. The marsh in front is Nor Marsh, an RSPB reserve. Beyond stands Kingsnorth power station, the cranes of Thamesport and the disused refinery at Grain. At Sheerness, the Medway joins the Thames Estuary.

5 - Sharp's Green pond

This is an important wildlife resource, as there is little open fresh water in the area. In spring and summer, the pond is a lively place beneath the surface and above. Stand quietly for a few moments and see what turns up.