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Strood North Parking Consultation

In September and October, Medway Council carried out an informal public consultation relating to proposed Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) in Strood North; thank you to all those residents that sent in their views and suggestions. These responses have been analysed and discussed with your local Ward Councillors and the Portfolio Holder. The result was as follows:

Residents/Businesses that support new CPZs in Strood: 520 (65%)

Residents/Businesses that do not support new CPZs in Strood: 235 (29%)
Residents/Businesses that did not specify their views: 45 (6%)

As a result we are now carrying out a formal public consultation (Traffic Regulation Order process) for installing a Controlled Parking Zone north of Frindsbury Hill and carrying out amendments (and minor extensions) to the existing zone south of Frindsbury Road.


The detailed drawings showing the proposals and a document describing the proposed changes for each road can be found below along with a drawing key.

Description of proposed changes

Drawing Key

CPZ S1_2016_1 - Albert, Bowes, Burgess, Evelyn, Frindsbury, Grange, Grove, South Eastern, St Marys Station, Vicarage

CPZ S2_2016_1 - Castel View, Central, Gordon, Jersey, Weston

CPZ S2_2016_2 - Bryant, Central, Gordon, Jersey, Montfort, Weston

CPZ S2_2016_3 - Barton, Brompton, Bryant, Glanville, Montfort, Morgan, Stanhope

CPZ S2_2016_4 - Brompton, Bryant, Cambridge, Collis, Gordon, Jersey, Minerva, Moore, Steele, Weston

CPZ S2_2016_5 - Banning, Brompton, Cecil, Cliffe, Cromer, Cross, Hayward, Hone, Kitchener, Martin, Weston, Wykeham

CPZ S2 _2016_6 - Berber, Cliffe, Cromer, Dongola, Goddington, Hatfield, Kitchener, Lyle, Slatin

CPZ S2_2016_7 - Goddington, Hillside, Honeypot

CPZ S2_2016_8 - Everest, Frindsbury, Hillside, Mill Cl, Mill Rd, Millpond, Prospect


Printed plans will also be on display in Strood Community Hub and the Council Offices for the period of the formal public consultation, which will start on Monday, 12 December 2016 and finish on Friday, 6 January 2017.


If you would like additional details on the proposals, please contact the Integrated Transport Service at parkingdesign@medway.gov.uk. Alternatively a member of staff will be contactable on 01634 334314 or, 01634 331356, or 01634 331505.

Officers from the Integrated Transport Service will also be available in Strood Community Hub on the following days to answer any questions or concerns relating to the scheme:

  • Thursday, 15 December 2016 (12pm – 6pm)
  • Friday, 30 December 2016 (4pm – 7pm)


Any objections to the proposals must be made in writing to the Director of Regeneration, Culture, Environment and Transformation, Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4TR.