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Strood CPZ Consultation

Thursday, 31 August 2017


In June and July of this year, Medway Council consulted residents of the local area on two proposals regarding Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ): Option 1 (An evening/night-time CPZ) and Option 2 (No CPZ).


Medway Council received 709 responses to the consultation, and the result are as follows:


Preferred Option

Option 1 (Evening/Night-time CPZ)                                   - 374 Households (52.8%)

Option 2 (No CPZ – parking remains unchanged)               - 335 Households (47.2%)


Of the households that supported Option 1:


What days would you like the CPZ to operate?

Monday – Friday  - 56 Households (15%)

Monday – Sunday  - 318 Households (85%)


What times would you like the night-time CPZ to operate?

6pm Start  - 336 Households (90%)

9pm Start  - 25 Households (7%)

6 or 9pm Start  - 13 Households (3%)


6am Finish  - 109 Households (29%)

8am Finish  - 239 Households (64%)

6 or 8am Finish  - 26 Households (7%)


How many permits (including visitors) do you think each household should be restricted to?

1 Permit  - 38 Households (10%)

2 Permits  - 206 Households (55%)

3 Permits  - 98 Households (26%)

Unlimited  - 32 Households (9%)


Full results of the following consultation can be found in the IC2 Results Report


It has been decided that Medway Council will progress Option 1. With the aim to implement a night-time CPZ, operative Monday to Sunday, 6pm to 8am, across some areas of Strood North, where the number of permits per household will not be limited.  


Due to varying opinions and existing restrictions, the full consultation area has been divided into three sections:

•             ZONE S1 – The existing Zone S and other roads around Strood Train Station and High Street will become Zone S1. Since most roads within this area already have day-time restrictions, Medway Council will create a new zone that will be in operation both during the day and at night.

•             ZONE S2 – Roads to the north and west of Frindsbury Road will become Zone S2. Since most roads within this area do not have existing day-time restrictions, Medway Council will implement a night-time CPZ, Monday to Sunday, 6pm to 8am.

•             NO ZONE – Roads and areas which were largely opposed to Option 1 are not included in either Zone S1 or Zone S2 at this time.


This is a map of the three areas Zone Extents


Page updated 31 August 2017