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Apply for planning permission

Pre-Application Service

We encourage pre-application discussions with applicants, agents, developers and interested parties. The pre-application service is subject to a fee, which will vary depending on the type of application and officer time required. 

We don't offer a duty planning officer service. General planning advice can be found free of charge on the Planning Portal.  If you require detailed advice this can be obtained via the pre-application service.

Local Validation List Consultation

We are consulting on our Local Validation List from Monday 12 February to Friday 2 March 2018. If you have any comments please submit them to planning.representations@medway.gov.uk  Once the consultation period is over, comments will be taken into account and the Head of Planning will agree the new Local Validation List.

Apply for Planning Permission

Medway receives 58% of applications online via the Planning Portal.

Registration is easy and you can complete your application form, upload supporting documents and pay fees online. 

Apply online

The benefits of applying online include:

  • you can work on your applications in draft before submission
  • immediate delivery and acknowledgement
  • savings on postage and printing costs
  • online help function when completing applications
  • online record of your completed applications
  • online payment

If you prefer, you can complete your application form online and submit supporting documents and fees by post.  

Please note a planning application cannot be progressed until all the necessary supporting information and the appropriate fee is received.

Please ensure you have read the appropriate Validation Checklists and addressed any issues covered.

You can also download the application form to complete by hand.

The information you provide on the application form and in the supporting documents will be public information which will be made available on the Council’s website. In view of this, if you supply personal information belonging to a third party, please ensure you have their permission to do so and ensure any sensitive data in particular physical or mental health details are contained in a separate annex.

Planning Protocol

The Planning Protocol has been produced jointly by the Kent Planning Officer’s Group and the Kent Developer’s Group. It contains four commitments which together promote collaborative working between the development community and Local Authorities. The Leaders of all of the Councils along with the Chairs of the Kent Planning Officers, the Kent Developers and the Kent Housing Groups have signed up to these commitments.

The Protocol is significant in that it recognises the close collaborative working that already takes place between developers and councils in Kent and aims to ensure that every opportunity is taken to improve on what we do so as to achieve the objective of facilitating good quality sustainable growth within the County.

How much will my planning application cost?

Every application must be accompanied by the correct fee or fee exemption form. The Government sets the Planning Application Fees that apply across the country.

The Planning Portal Fee calculator is a useful tool that helps you work out the cost of our planning application by asking a series of questions.

Developers Contribution Guide

Large scale planning development may have to contribute to the wider community to ensure that adequate provision is made to support infrastructure.

Our Guide to Developer Contributions sets out what obligations and contributions will be required for future developments. Developers are expected to take account of, and meet the requirements of, this document before submitting planning application to the council. It is designed to help them know what the council is likely to require for new developments in Medway.

Bird Disturbance In North Kent

The impact of recreational disturbance on the birdlife of the North Kent Marshes SPAs/Ramsar sites was identified in the Bird Disturbance Study North Kent in 2010/2011 (pdf, 2,738 KB).

The Strategic Access and Recreation Management Plan (SARMP) (pdf, 5,009 KB) prepared for the Thames, Medway and Swale estuaries in 2014 set out a strategy for resolving the additional disturbance issues to the area’s wintering birds, arising from new housing development, through a package of strategic measures.

Natural England has advised that one single dwelling can cause an impact and so the following planning applications should either contain information to enable the Local Authority to undertake an Appropriate Assessment under the Habitats Regulations; or we would expect to secure a financial contribution:

  • development of 1 dwelling or more
  • prior notification applications for conversion into residential
  • applications for new hotels and hotel extensions that increase the number of bedrooms

We have therefore drafted a Unilateral Undertaking for the purposes of securing the contribution, which is £223.58 per dwelling plus £550 per agreement for the preparation, execution and registration of the deed and monitoring compliance with the obligation and requirements contained in the deed.