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Please note that an application under the building regulations may be required in addition to certain planning applications, which may attract a further fee.

All applications under planning legislation in the area of Medway Council should be deposited at the address below with the appropriate fee. For information on fees please use the fee calculator or list of planning fees. To use this file and the other pdf files on this page you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this on your computer please go to our advice page.

Please make cheques payable to Medway Council. Debit and credit cards can also be used to pay fees. All technical communications should be sent to the same address.

Applications requiring a fee:

  • planning permission (other than those specified below)
  • approval of reserved matters submitted following outline planning permission
  • consents to display advertisements
  • determination of whether details of agricultural and forestry buildings or private ways and development by telecommunications code system operators are required to be submitted for approval
  • determination of whether prior approval is required for the method of demolition and restoration of sites
  • hazardous substances consent
  • certificates of lawfulness of existing use or development
  • certificates of lawfulness of proposed use or development.

Applications which do not require a fee:

  • listed building consent
  • conservation area consent
  • works to trees protected by a tree preservation order.

Applications exempt from a fee:

  • Planning permission to alter or extend an existing dwelling house to improve access, safety, health or comfort for a disabled person living in the house
  • Works to provide access for the disabled to public buildings
  • Applications required to be made only because of a direction under Article 4 of the General Development Order 1988 being in force
  • Where an application for planning permission or advertisement consent has been refused, withdrawn or if an appeal has been dismissed, one further application by the same applicant may be made without a fee.

This is providing the later application is for the same character or description of development or advertisement on the same site; the application must also be made within 12 months of the first decision or in the case of a withdrawal, the date of the submission of the application.

  •  A similar exemption applies when an appeal has been made against the council’s failure to determine an application, provided that the new application is made within 12 months of the expiry of the period for the determination
  • A variation to a development previously permitted, made by the same applicant, provided that the development remains of the same character or description on the same site and the application is made within 12 months of the planning permission
  • Where an application or deemed application is made relating to a change of use of a building or other land from a purpose of one of the classes specified in the Schedule to the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987  to another purpose of the same class, in a case where planning permission is required solely because the change is prohibited by a condition imposed on a previous grant of planning permission.

More information on fees