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Local flood risk strategy

Existing plans and studies

A Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) has been completed for the Medway Estuary in conjunction with the Environment Agency. SFRA’s are intended to guide development decisions in flood risk areas and contain an analysis, collection and presentation of all available information on flood risk.

Medway Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (pdf 10.6MB)  

In 2010, Medway Council and the Environment Agency commissioned an SFRA Addendum following changes to development and flood risk planning policy.

Medway Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Addendum (pdf 585 KB)

A further study was undertaken to investigate the standard of protection and condition of existing flood defence structures.

Medway Flood Defence Strategy High Level Appraisal (pdf 1.17MB)

Medway Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

Medway Council together with other Risk Management Authorities have produced a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy. The strategy outlines the responsibilities of the Risk Management Authorities in Medway and how they are working in partnership to coordinate local flood risk management.  This includes engagement with communities, preparing for floods, responding to flood events and collaborating on flood risk studies.

Medway Council is a Lead Local Flood Authority and has produced this strategy in accordance with the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.  The focus of the strategy is on local flooding which refers to flooding from surface water, groundwater, streams and ditches. 

The strategy consists of a collection of documents including a main report, supporting technical appendices and a Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report. 

Local Flood Risk Strategy_Final.pdf (864KB)

Technical-Appendix-1-PluvialModelling.pdf (790 KB)

Technical-Appendix-2-Groundwater_Assessment.pdf (711KB)

Technical-Appendix-2-GroundwaterAssessment-Figures.pdf (10.1MB)

MedwayCouncil-LocalFloodRiskManagementStrategy_Fig3.1_DepthMap_0030yr_002.pdf (7.91MB)

MedwayCouncil-LocalFloodRiskManagementStrategy_Fig3 3_DepthMap_0200yr_002.pdf (8.36MB)

MedwayCouncil-LocalFloodRiskManagementStrategy_Fig3.2_DepthMap_0100yrCC_002.pdf (8.18MB)

MedwayCouncil-LocalFloodRiskManagementStrategy_Fig3.4_GroundwaterFlooding_001.pdf (2.02MB)

LFMRS_SEA_Screening.pdf (872KB)