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Report a flood

Different types of flooding are managed by different organisations.

Often flooding can be caused by a combination of different factors related to the highway, sewers, rivers and sea, streams and groundwater


Highway flooding

Flooding can occur on the highway during intense or prolonged rainfall and can occur even after it has stopped raining. Blocked gullies are one of the reasons why water on the highway might not drain away.

We manage incidents of flooding on our roads to keep them safe for the public.  Gullies take away surface water from roads and paths and are designed to take the surface water from roads.

If you see a blocked gully that is causing flooding of the highway, has a broken or missing cover, or is at risk of entering private property, call 01634 333333.


If a drain is blocked but is not causing dangerous flooding, it will be cleansed as part of our gully cleansing programme.

Sewer flooding and fresh water pipe leaks

With the exception of drains and sewers on council estates, all drains and sewers are either privately owned by the owners of the houses they serve or, for most pre 1937 drainage, are the responsibility of the relevant sewerage undertaker or water supply company. In Medway, this is Southern Water.

Southern Water - phone 0845 270 1508 (24hr).


Flooding from the sea or rivers

To report flooding from the sea or a river please call the Environment Agency Floodline on 0845 988 1188.

To listen to recorded flood warning information for your area or speak to someone for advice, call 0845 988 1188.

Flooding from streams, ditches and groundwater

To report groundwater flooding or flooding from an ordinary watercourse, phone 01634 333333 or email floodrisk@medway.gov.uk and include as much information as possible, including the time of flooding and any available photographs showing the depth and extent of flooding.

It is helpful if as much information as possible is provided, including:

  • The location of the flood, including any landmarks/house numbers
  • Road name
  • Town/village
  • Size of the flood.