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Area profiles

This page contains a collection of area profiles, which together constitute a statistical  ‘picture’ of Medway and sub areas within it, in order to understand, what is distinct and what variations occur across the area. These span a range of socio-economic themes, including: demography, business and employment, deprivation and infrastructure.

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2011 Census Area Profiles

Summary Report

Area profiles


1. Chatham Town Centre and Rochester Riverside (pdf 217KB)

2. Rest of Chatham - including Horsted (pdf 502KB)

3. Chatham Maritime, St Mary's Island and Brompton (pdf 443KB)

4. Luton and Wayfield (pdf 467KB)

5. Princes Park (pdf 481KB)

6. Lordswood and Walderslade (pdf 527KB)


7. Rochester Town Centre (pdf 203KB)

8. Rest of Rochester - including Borstal (pdf 466KB)


9. Gillingham Town Centre (pdf 444KB)

10. Rest of Gillingham (pdf 546KB)

11. Twydall (pdf 448KB) 

12. Darland and Capstone (pdf 450KB)


13. Rainham Town Centre (pdf 242KB)

14. Rest of Rainham (pdf 485KB)

15. Lower Rainham - including rural Rainham (pdf 382KB)

16. Hempstead, Wigmore and Parkwood (pdf 370KB)


17. Strood Town Centre and Riverside (pdf 457KB)

18. Rest of Strood (pdf 484KB)

19. Wainscott, Frindsbury and Peninsula - part of (pdf 456KB)

Cuxton and Halling

20. Cuxton and Halling (pdf 407KB)

Hoo Peninsula

21. Hoo Peninsula (pdf 352KB)


National, regional context