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Kent road weather forecast

Date of instruction: Monday 19 March 2018 at 11.59am

Action:                     Action required

Routes affected:     All primary routes

Expected Hazards:  Ice

Expected minimum overnight temperatures:

Road surface -0.60

Air temperature -0.20C

Period sub-zero 

Forecast for the next 24 hours:

Dry today with some sunny spells, but chilly. Dry this evening and for a large part of the night, with clear spells at first allowing road surface temperatures to dip below zero. Most surfaces are expected to be dry, however some icy patches cannot be completely ruled out, especially where roads remain damp. Thickening cloud in the second half of the night will help road surface temperatures to recover. A few light showers possible by dawn, these perhaps sleety, but no settling is expected. Rather cloudy tomorrow morning with a few light showers.

Forecast for next 2-5 days

Patchy cloud and sunny/clear spells for most of Wednesday. Although a band of cloud could bring damper conditions later, it will be another chilly night. Becoming increasingly overcast on Thursday until rain moves in during the night. Rain continuing through the day on Friday, easing to dry and clear spells overnight. Although road surface temperatures could get quite low at times, they should remain above zero each night.