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Kent road weather forecast

Date of instruction: Thursday 14 December 2017 at 11.54am

Action:                     Gritting action required

Routes affected:     All primary routes

Expected Hazards:  Ice and Hoar frost

Expected minimum overnight temperatures:

Road surface -1.00

Air temperature -0.10C

Period sub-zero 

Forecast for the next 24 hours:

Breezy and mainly dry this afternoon with sunny spells and just the small chance of a shower drifting in from the west. Clear spells this evening will allow road surface temperatures to drop below zero in places. A band of cloud is likely to drift in to the west by around 2200 and spread eastward. This should help lift road surface temperatures above zero with the small risk of a light rain shower, although there is the risk of some slightly heavier showers close to the south coast which could cause potential wash off issues here. This band of cloud should clear eastwards with clear skies developing briefly once again by around 0300 allowing road surface temperatures to dip back below zero in places again bringing the risk of ice and hoar frost once more. However, by around 0600 another band of cloud is likely to move in to the west and spread eastwards, bringing some rain or sleet showers, perhaps falling on roads surfaces which have temperatures close to or slightly below zero initially before rising. Remaining cloudy tomorrow morning with the risk of further rain showers and perhaps some hill sleet.

Forecast for next 2-5 days:

It will be dry with sunshine on Saturday, however, cloud will increase during the evening for a time with the chance of the odd shower. Turning mostly clear again after midnight with below zero road surface temperatures. It will be mostly fine and bright on Sunday morning and during the afternoon with some sunshine. Cloud is expected to thicken from the west by the evening with outbreaks of rain moving in. The rain will clear after midnight with some clear spells towards the end of the night but road surface temperatures should stay above zero. Settled conditions on Monday with light winds and bright or sunny spells. Mist and fog patches developing overnight with road surface temperatures falling below zero.