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Kent road weather forecast

Date of instruction: Friday 3 March 2017 at 11.47am

Action:                     No action required

Routes affected:     None

Expected Hazards:  None

Expected minimum overnight temperatures:

Road surface 6.90

Air temperature 6.90C

Period sub-zero 

Forecast for the next 24 hours:

A mostly dry afternoon, with some brighter spells developing at times. Cloud looks to thicken once again into the evening, to bring more persistent rain through the night. Road surface temperatures remaining well above zero.

Forecast for next 2-5 days:

On Sunday, cloud will thicken ahead of an area of heavy and persistent rain spreading eastwards, accompanied by brisk winds. This rain will clear to showers in the evening, however towards the end of the night skies will clear and winds will ease. Sunshine and scattered showers on Monday, but, once again, showers will die out to leave a dry, clear and chilly night. Turning milder on Tuesday with outbreaks of rain moving in. Road surface temperatures staying above zero throughout.