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Bespoke Training

Bespoke training for business


Well-trained and motivated staff are a vital part of any business. To address your business and staff needs MAE can provide a specialist training service and design and deliver bespoke training that will help you achieve your business objectives.


Local and Professional

Our experienced tutors understand the unique challenges and opportunities for businesses in Medway. They have the professional and local knowledge to recognise and address skills gaps and performance opportunities, making sure your staff are always fully prepared to meet the needs of your business.


Working with you

By taking a detailed look at your business objectives we can help you to select the most appropriate options and pinpoint the approach that will benefit your organisation the most.


Unique answers to unique questions

Our tutors work closely with you to ensure the training you need is the training you get. Both course content and teaching methods can be customised to your particular requirements, whether you need:

  • Bespoke training - to meet the specialist needs of your business
  • National qualifications and Accredited Training - academic and vocational courses, scheduled to suit your business and completed within an appropriate time frame.


Tested for success

Throughout every training course feedback is gathered and analysed, enabling you to monitor and assess the progress and development of your team.


Call our Business Development & Partnerships Officer on 01634 338424 or email enquiries@medway.gov.uk to discuss your specific training requirements and more information of bespoke training services.


Page Updated: 14 August 2017