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News, activities and events


Look out for a great range of new courses that have been added to this year's programme, this includes a number of workshops and short courses to inspire new hobbies and interests.

These include, Photography, Drawing & Painting, Millinery, Creative Writing workshops and opportunities to come and try a new language. Full details can be found on the course finder or call one of the team who will be able to advise.


New ways of working



We have developed a number of apprenticeship offers which will help employers to meet the training needs of the new trainees. For further details visit our Apprenticeship page


Support for those seeking employment

If you have been made redundant recently or are at risk of redundancy in the near future, we can support you with courses especially designed to get you back into work as soon as possible. For further details visit our Employability page.

If you are already out of work and feeling discouraged by the shortage of opportunities, a brush up on your skills would enable you to be more successful at getting interviews, see our intensive programme to get you started on the pathway to success.


Skills training for those in work

The workplace these days is a rapidly changing environment and it pays to maintain your skills and gain qualifications you always wish you’d had. Our Skills for Work programme offers a wide range of work-related training from short courses through to NVQs and other qualifications. For further details visit our Qualifications and skills for work page.


If you need GCSE English or maths to take your training options forward into higher education or other professional avenues please, visit our GCSE page for further information. GCSEs in English and maths are free to those who have not yet achieved above a D grade in these subjects.


Course Finder directory

Use course finder to either search for courses available or check the times, dates and locations of courses you’re interested in. You can also read, download or print off course information sheets for more in-depth information about the courses you’re interested in.


Improving access to learning

Medway Adult Education is committed to equal opportunities, changing attitudes and behaviour and improving access to learning opportunities and the levels of achievement of all groups, individuals and communities.

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Medway Adult Education - working in partnership with the Skills Funding Agency and Young People's Learning Agency.


Page updated: 14 August 2017