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Living in Medway

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Council tax

If you’re a student living in Medway, you may not have to pay council tax.

If all the residents in your household are students, you will not have pay council tax at all. If all but one resident are students, you will get a 25 per cent discount.

More information about council tax discounts is available on this site. You can also download the student discount application form.


If you live within a designated parking permit area, you may be able to get a resident’s parking permit. Find out more information about parking in Medway.

Registering to vote

You can only vote at elections if your name is listed in the register of electors.

You can get your name listed in the register of electors at your home address or your term-time address.

Forms are sent to every household in September – to register make sure your name is added to this form before returning it. All households are required by law to complete and return this form.

Rubbish and recycling

Medway Council provides a kerbside recycling scheme to make it easy for residents to recycle. Blue and white bags are provided to collect  a wide range of materials for recycling. Brown bins are also provided for the collection of garden and food waste.

Find out which day your rubbish and recycling will be picked up.