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Please note that the national offer day for primary admissions 2018 is Monday 16 April 2018.


For information on the next steps available to you after receiving your school offer, please go to:
Next steps information for school admissions, the Medway Test and home to school transport


Preference status in offer email/letter Meaning of this status
Place offered Your child has been offered a place at this school
Not offered This school has NOT been offered. This school was named as a higher preference on your application form than the school that was offered.
Declined Your child has not been offered a place at this school because one of your higher preferences has been offered.
Withdrawn This preference has not been considered and has been withdrawn. This is usually because this is a preference for a grammar school and your child had not been assessed as grammar.

Primary and secondary admissions 2019 - Medway Council's consultation and school's admission arrangements


Consultation on the future administration of in-year(casual) admissions)

Medway Council appeal information for admission in September 2018 for Community and Voluntary Controlled schools only