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Behaviour Support Service

Are you worried about your child's behaviour?

You may be worried about standards of behaviour in your son or daughter's school or you may be worried about your own child's behaviour.

All schools have behaviour policies and strategies that they can follow to encourage high standards of behaviour. Children and young people are encouraged to show respect for one another and for the adults who work with them.

Causes for concern may include:

  • refusal to work
  • swearing
  • physical violence
  • verbal bullying.

These are all causes for concern because they disrupt the work of the classroom and prevent the individual pupil from concentrating on work.

What do schools do?

Pupils are rewarded for good behaviour but schools also have sanctions, such as missing break times or missing a favourite activity, doing extra work or writing a letter of apology. Most schools will have a series of sanctions that are used for serious problems. These will eventually lead to being sent to the headteacher or head of pastoral support. A secondary school may have a support unit or inclusion unit where pupils with behaviour problems have " time out " before being given a fresh start in class.

There should be communication with parents so that everyone, including the pupil, is aware of what needs to be done to improve the situation.

Parental support is very important if behaviour difficulties are to be sorted out.

What if nothing works?

Should the problems be serious, the school can give a fixed term or permanent exclusion. This should only happen when the young person is disrupting the work of the school to such an extent that other pupils are suffering or where violence is severe.

Medway Council, as the Local Authority, must then make alternative provision for the young person.

The Behaviour Support Service

The Behaviour Support Service tries to help parents and schools to enable pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties to reach their full potential within an educational context.

The Primary Behaviour Support Service also offers:

  • advice and support to the Local Authority, school staff and parents and carers
  • support for managed moves for pupils close to permanent exclusion
  • emotional, social and behavioural support for pupils during transition between Key Stages
  • the maximisation of life chances through multi-agency working, partnerships and alliances
  • development opportunities to share and sustain best practice on inclusion
  • training opportunities for school staff.

Within the Service has a pupil referral units: the Will Adams Centre for Key Stage 4 pupils.