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The Medway Test

Medway Test concerns (03/10/2016)

The total score and assessment outcomes published in Medway Test result letters is correct for all candidates, despite a publication error which led to the wrong extended writing score being printed in the letters to non selective (non-grammar) pupils.

Individual scores published for maths, verbal reasoning and extended writing papers did not add up to the total score, however the total score stated and the assessment outcome in the results letter are both correct.

We have thoroughly rechecked the results and we will be re-issuing result letters today with the correct figures to all families affected. This will not change the total score or the assessment outcome for pupils.

The deadline for review requests has been extended to 10am on Monday, 10 October. This is to give parents more time to prepare, in acknowledgement of any uncertainty this may have caused.

We are sorry for the concern and confusion this may have caused parents at what is a very important time in their child's education.

Medway Test information

Once you have received you child's assessment decision, please use the information below to help you decide on the next steps to take.

For children assessed as selective (grammar):

For children assessed as non-selective (non-grammar):

If you'd like to provide us with any feedback regarding the testing process and your child's experience, please complete our feedback form.

Register for the Medway Test

  • Medway Test registration for September 2017 admissions is now closed. 

If your child would like to be considered for a place at a Medway grammar school, they will need to sit the Medway Test.

Once you register your child for the Medway Test, they will sit the test and receive their results before the closing date for secondary school applications. This is to help you make the most informed decision you can when selecting which schools to name on your application.

The Medway Test consists of three separate papers:

  • An extended writing exercise
  • A mathematics paper
  • A verbal reasoning paper

The tests are specifically written for Medway and are designed to select 23 per cent of children in the year group as suitable for grammar school education. Up to a further 2 per cent may be selected through the review process.