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Spending data

Anybody can use our spending data. You do not have to apply or ask for permission, but you do have to agree to the terms of the Open Government Licence for public sector information.

In April 2014, the amount of transparency was decreased from £500 to £250.

Below are Microsoft Excel files which show invoices of more than £250 for 2014/15 and all previous years where more than £500 has been spent:
















 Social Housing Asset Values

Under the Department of Communities and Local Government’s ‘Local Government Transparency Code ’, Medway Council is obliged to publish details of the value of social housing stock that is held in Authority’s Housing Revenue Account. Below are files that show stock held in Medway Council’s Housing Revenue Account at the end of the relevant year:

Social Housing Asset Data (excel) 2016/17 - excel version (xlsx 100KB)

Social Housing Asset Data (PDF) 2016/17 - PDF version (92KB)

Social Housing Asset Data (excel) 2015/16  - excel version (xls 140KB)

Social Housing Asset Data (PDF) 2015/16 - PDF version (pdf 94KB)

Social Housing Asset Data - PDF version (pdf 63KB)

Social Housing Asset Data - excel version (xls 72KB)


How to make sense of the data

Spending data in the above files is broken down into:

  1. the date the payment was processed by our payments system
  2. the reference number for the payment (this is how we categorise the payment to identify and manage spending) 
  3. the type of payment (invoice or credit note)
  4. the value of the payment on the invoice in pounds excluding VAT
  5. the name of supplier/organisation receiving the payment.

Each transaction is referenced to a directorate within the council

  1. Directorate (for example, Children and Adults)
  2. Area of spend (for example, Adult Social Care)
  3. Service level (for example, MH Social Care Services)
  4. Expense code
  5. Expense description

If you wish to apply for more information on any aspect of this data please visit the Freedom of Information page.